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Promain UK Limited offers you a range of Squash Court Paint supplied by Coo-var, FLAG and Sports Cote. With a few products available we offer you great paints at reasonable, competitive prices. We understand that when it comes to applying coatings to your squash courts you need only the best in court care materials. This is why we offer you the best paints from the best manufacturers.

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  1. Glixtone SQ1 Squash Court Paint
    Glixtone SQ1 Squash Court Paint

    A solvent based offering an outstanding durable matt paint used for painting the play area walls of squash courts and other sports walls.

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When you are playing squash the wear and tear that the courts go through is exceptionally high. This is why we only offer you paints that are super protective and hard wearing. Coo-Var squash court paint will allow for trapped moisture to be released through the coating and no flaking or blistering will occur. The paint is available in only white and is intended for use on the court surrounding for a fresh, gleaming effect. This squash court  paint should not be used on the playing surface, this is vital as the paint is not intended to be used on this kind of wooden surface. 

There isn’t much else to say about Squash Court Paints but if you are unsure about anything to do with these products then please contact our friendly staff who will be happy to give you advice on all your sporting paint needs.