Balcony Coatings

Waterproofing balconies throw up their own raft of problems and we strongly suggest you contact one of our time served paint specialists for advice as…

Firstly, the degree of anti-slip coating and floor paint required is something that will need to be calculated to make sure you have complete protection. This will be governed by the exposure to weather and varying factors need to be taken into consideration. For example if your balcony has a solid wall preventing driving rain or open railings allowing rain, ice and pooling water also if it is westerly facing or not you may have to consider a different product to that if none of these factors were in place.

Another factor which needs to be considered is the exposure to the costal weather with salt in the air as this may have an impact on the suitable balcony waterproofing paint you require.

Secondly there is the feasibility of applying the balcony floor paint coatings as access to the property for the tenants whilst the paint (often 3 to 4 coats) is drying may cause an issue. Also paint dries a lot slower as the temperature drops, many stop curing below 5 degrees C. If the paint dries too quickly, the contractor is unable to lay the coating, If it is too slow, disruption to the tenants  is increased.

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  1. Jotun Jota Armour Standard
    Jotun Jota Armour Standard

    A 3 part, high solids, surface tolerant, abrasion resistant anti-corrosive epoxy coating with a selected blend of fused aluminium oxide.

    From £190.84 £159.03
  2. Sika Sikafloor 420
    Sika Sikafloor 420

    A one part, elastic, low solvent containing, low odour, UV resistant, coloured, moisture triggered polyurethane resin coating.

    From £310.02 £258.35
  3. Remmers Epoxy Flex PH
    Remmers Epoxy Flex PH

    A 2 part, solvent free, self levelling coating for floors such as mechanically loaded surfaces subject to foot and vehicle traffic.

    From £195.60 £163.00
  4. Sika Sikalastic 8800
    Sika Sikalastic 8800

    A 2 part, elastic, 100% solid, fast curing coloured pure polyurea liquid applied membrane with good chemical resistance.

    From £8,839.50 £7,366.25
  5. Rustoleum Tarmacoat 6100 Asphalt and Tarmac Paint
    Rustoleum Tarmacoat 6100 Asphalt and Tarmac Paint

    A tough, flexible paint for tarmac, asphalt or concrete to colour and protect drives, paths, balconies, car parks, playgrounds, tennis courts.

    From £109.57 £91.31
  6. PPG SigmaShield 1090
    PPG SigmaShield 1090

    A 2 pack flint reinforced solvent free polyamine cured, epoxy compound suitable for the protection of steel and concrete.

    From £246.30 £205.25
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