About Anti Slip

Non Slip Coatings and Anti Slip GRP Products

As the leading suppliers of anti slip floor paints and other anti slip products, Promain offer a range of coatings and products which are designed to ensure the safety of people who work/live in slippery areas, and walk on slippery surfaces. Slips and falls are a very common workplace injury and can cause some nasty injuries, so employers need to make sure that you are keeping your employee's best interests at heart by making sure that all potentially slippy surfaces have been taken care of using our range of non slip paints and other anti slip products.

As well as anti slip floor paints, there are also other methods of making your work or domestic areas slip proof, to make sure that injuries from slips and falls are kept to a minimum. Slips and falls in the workplace also leave employers exposed to potential claims, so make sure you cover your back as well as providing a safe workplace for your employees. The safety of your employees is the most important thing, so it's important to choose a non slip paint product that is suitable for the surface you are using. Pick up the phone and speak to one of our technical support team who will be more than happy to help you choose the correct anti slip paint

These anti slip products can be put in used on any surface whether it is in a warehouse or industrial workplace to domestic paths and driveways, our range of anti slip products can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. These anti slip paints come in a range of different colours all of which then come in different grades of aggregate depending on the level of slip resistance that is required for that particular area. 

As well as anti slip paint there are also other methods of making areas slip proof, such as self adhesive tapes, which can be used in areas such as boat decks, jetties, ramps and timber decking as well as anti slip coatings that can be used on ceramic tiles which therefore makes them suitable for use in changing rooms and swimming pools where moisture can create a trip hazard. We also have super adhesive rubber crumb anti slip paints available that are not only UV stable but also provide an easy to clean surface, making them perfect for the use on any surfaces that are required to be anti slip. 

Factories, warehouses, showrooms, and industrial type environments are all exposed to vehicle and foot traffic on a daily basis. Because of this constant level of trafficking, there are increased health and safety risks. As an employer you MUST ensure you are doing everything you can to protect your employees from potential risks or hazards. You can start by making sure all your floors, ramps, door ways, steps and stairways are coating or covered with the best anti slip paints

For all of your anti slip paint requirements as well as other products that provide an anti slip surface then make sure that you take a look at the products that we have available at Promain to ensure you get only the very best items that are available on the market at very reasonable prices.