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As the UK's leading supplier of Corrosion Protection for steel constructions, Promain offer an extensive range of paint coatings suitable for application to steel, galvanised steel, cast iron aluminium and other metal surfaces, materials used in structures such as bridges, gantries,and roofs found with the Rail Network and London Underground buildings. From single pack to 2 pack epoxies, and UV stable Polyurethane paint coatings to single coat paints, Promain have a vast selection of approved paints and coating to choose from.

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  1. Jotun Jotamastic 87 Aluminium
    Jotun Jotamastic 87 Aluminium

    A two component surface tolerant, long lasting corrosion protection for carbon steel and aged coatings found in severe environments.

    From £88.86 £74.05
  2. International Interseal 670HS
    International Interseal 670HS

    For use on a wide variety of substrates including hand prepared rusty steel.

    From £84.60 £70.50
  3. International Interfine 691
    International Interfine 691

    A two pack, epoxy acrylic isocyanate free cosmetic finish providing good long term durability as a finish coat.

    From £88.80 £74.00
  4. International Intercure 384 MIO
    International Intercure 384 MIO

    A two part, high solids, low VOC epoxy micaceous iron oxide intermediate coating.

    From £306.00 £255.00
  5. International Interthane 990
    International Interthane 990

    A two component acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

    From £97.20 £81.00
  6. Sherwin Williams Acrolon C137V2 - Formerly Resistex & Transgard TG168
    Sherwin Williams Acrolon C137V2 - Formerly Resistex & Transgard TG168

    A high performance, fast drying, acrylic urethane exterior gloss with good colour retention. N9, M24, M34 and Item No.168. approved.

    From £95.62 £79.68
  7. Jotun Hardtop XP
    Jotun Hardtop XP

    A hard wearing top coat for use in aggressive atmospheric exposure. Network Rail approved. Highways Approved Item No 168

    From £81.68 £68.07
  8. International Interzone 954
    International Interzone 954

    Epoxy barrier coat designed to give long term protection. LuL APR No. 2081.

    From £439.20 £366.00
  9. Tikkurila Temacoat RM40
    Tikkurila Temacoat RM40

    An ideal universal primer or single coat topcoat for steel, zinc or aluminium subject to severe abrasion or chemical stresses.

    From £51.59 £42.99
  10. Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva Primer
    Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva Primer

    A quick drying water-based single pack anti corrosive primer for interior and exterior surfaces. LUL Approval No.2447.

    From £76.50 £63.75
  11. Tikkurila Temadur 50
    Tikkurila Temadur 50

    A two pack, semi gloss polyurethane coating for steel structures subject to weathering or chemical stress. LuL APR No.2940

    From £50.40 £42.00

17 Items

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