Pot Hole Repair

About Pot Hole Repair

If you have nuisance potholes whether it is in your driveway, road car park or on the path then Promain have the answer with our pot hole repair products that can be used to fill in pot holes which can be damaging to car tyres as well as providing trip hazards, therefore make sure that you are keeping areas as safe as possible by making sure that all pot holes have been filled in. With the use of our pot hole repair products you only need to treat the affected area which makes repairing pot holes a lot more economical than originally thought and can be used on bituminous and concrete surfaces. Our pot hole repair materials can be driven over just 20 minutes after application. Promain like to make sure that our customers have the best materials possible to deal with any repairs they need to make and that is why we supply on the best quality products on the market.

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Pot hole repair is a quick and easy process when using the products that we have available at Promain. As well as products that can be used to fill in pot holes we also have rustoleum tampers available to ensure that there is optimum application of the product you are using. These products, once applied will compact into a dense and hard surface that's is able to resist heavy road traffic so you can be sure that your pot hole repair materials will be as effective and as trustworthy as possible.

If you are looking for pot hole repair products then you won’t find better quality than those that we have available at Promain. If you have any enquiries about our products then make sure you give us a call as we are more than happy to discuss our products and to help you in choosing the product that is most beneficial for your requirements.

What are potholes?

Surface potholes tend to vary in shape and size, they’re caused by the expansion and contraction of groundwater after the water has entered into the ground under the surface, when the water freezes, it expands, similar to how ice cubes are made, the water expands, causing bends and cracks, weaken the road material.

There’s nothing worse than bumping your cars or equipment over potholes, should you be trying to get deliveries out of your premises, this can be a big problem especially if they’re delicate, fragile or highly sensitive calibrated equipment. Fix the problem quickly with our instant pothole repair products, they are ready mixed for your convenience and can also be applied immediately straight from the pot, without having to do any messy mixing. Our products can be applied in any weather condition with no need to wait for better weather before you can experience smooth road surfaces. Quickly repair potholes in roads, paths, driveways, cycle paths and carriageways without any mess or full. The pothole repair products that we provide are environmentally friendly, this is an increasing concern for ethical businesses and is also light on labour time as well as being cost effective.

Potholes are a real hazard on the roads, the cold winter months tend to make them more prevalent, for the speedy repair of potholes in the road, we recommended using an asphalt, this will help to make the job easier, faster and cheaper. Asphalt is easy to use and will compact the pothole, the repair will be ready to be driven over almost immediately and this repair process can be carried out during most weather.

Pothole Surface Repair

When it comes to pot hole surface repair, business owners have a duty of care when it comes to maintaining a working environment for employees and visitors, damaged steps and floors, driveways and roads with potholes can lead to accidents and injuries due to trips or falls, they can also make it harder to maneuver goods and vehicles. These areas which are subject to heavy traffic should be kept in good condition and comply with health and safety regulations. At Promain we provide a range of pothole repair products helping to rectify and repair damage as well as reducing the risks of accidents. For more information, feel free to contact Promain for advance and assistance.

Roads are arguably one of the hardest working elements, especially when considering your workplace. They’re in constant use and regularly have to cope with heavy duty situations and despite their importance, floors tend to be subject to damage caused by wear and tear or other factors like weather conditions. Even the smallest pot hole in ground surface can increase the risk of accidents and damage to equipment, vehicles and machinery, as well as costing thousands to put right. All of this can be quickly and easily avoided for a small cost, Promain are specialists when it comes to pothole repair products which can fix potholes, cracks and chips as soon as they appear.

Pothole Repair Preparations

Preparation can make any repair job go smoother, take less time as well as ensure the best results, for example mechanic will make sure that they have the right wrenches to fit the part that they need to remove, painters will also need to use tape to the areas that don’t need to be protected. The same goes for pothole repair, make sure that you’re repaired. A pothole repair should be of sufficient quality and be considered permanent, a full depth patch is typically considered to be the best solution for most potholes, the quality of the repair can hinge on the quality of the preparation.

Here are our steps towards pothole repair preparation, chalk or paint should be used to mark the space around the pothole that’s due to be fixed. The resulting hole should be cleaned to remove any debris or dirt, heat or air is then used to dry the inside of the hole, including the sides, immediately before the repair product is applied, a tack coat may be required for the bottom and sides of the hole to help improve the adhesion between the new asphalt and the older surface.

We recommend that before work is carried out, all affected areas should be thoroughly cleaned so new materials are able to form a close bond with the existing floors and roads. Use a heavy duty outdoor broom or brush to remove dirt and dust before washing and drying if necessary.

Pothole Fillers

For outside spaces, there’s a number of options available, when deciding on the best option for you, we recommend considering the scale of the repairs as well as how much use the area gets on a regular basis. Instant pothole repairs are available, these products will provide an instant pothole repair compound that will eliminate holes with just one application. Applications that can be applied in all weather conditions are also available, this means that the repair can be provided straight away. At Promain the pothole repair solutions we offer can be used on roads, paths, cycle tracks and manholes.

When it comes to areas that witness a lot of traffic, whether it’s from vehicles or machinery, we recommend an epoxy mortar is recommended for quick and efficient repairs, it’s also suitable for bedding and fixing, heavy duty epoxy repair mortar can be used either indoors or outdoors, it’s perfect for repairing factory or garage floors as well as driveways and broken steps. For further information on the pothole surface repair products that we provide, contact the Promain knowledge team today, we’ll be more than happy to go through your requirements and assist you with selecting the right pothole repair product.