Electro Conductive Anti Static Floor Systems

High Performance Electro Conductive Coatings

Due to the risks of working in environments where electrical charges exist, Promain would like to offer expertise when supplying a safe, static dissipative option for floor coatings. Electro Conductive Floor Coatings are suitable as a wearing course in industries, such as automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, storage facilities and warehouses. These systems are particularly suitable for areas with sensitive electronic equipment e.g. CNC machinery, computer rooms, aircraft maintenance sheds, battery-charging rooms and areas subjected to high explosion risk.

Find out more about Sika ESD and Conductive Flooring Solutions by downloading their brochure here.

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  1. Remmers Epoxy WHG Color AS
    Remmers Epoxy WHG Color AS

    An electro conductive, chemically resistant, crack bridging coating for use within electro static conductive systems by Remmers.

    From £309.60 £258.00
  2. ResDev Pumaflow ESD
    ResDev Pumaflow ESD

    A seamless, medium duty epoxy floor topping for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds.

    From £309.60 £258.00
  3. ResDev Pumaprime ESD
    ResDev Pumaprime ESD

    A 2 pack solvent-free conductive primer suitable for use within a ResDev Electro Static Dissipative Floor System.

    From £80.54 £67.12
  4. Sika Sikafloor 262 AS N
    Sika Sikafloor 262 AS N

    A two part, self-smoothing, coloured epoxy resin coating. It should be combined with Sikafloor Filler 1 or Sika Quartz Sand.

    From £770.33 £641.94
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