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Here you will find the complete range of quality paint rollers that we have available at Promain. We have everything you could need to aid you in your painting project and we understand that it is very important to have quality painting equipment to make your job as easy and as pleasant as possible. Whether you’re looking for paint roller sets or roller replacements and refills, our wide selection of paint rollers are sure to cater to your needs.

It can be obvious when the painting equipment that you are using is bad quality but with Promain you won't have that problem as we only supply the best quality products that are available on the market. We make sure that the rollers that we supply are only the very best available whilst also making sure they are at the best prices possible. From floor paint rollers to 12 inch roller sleeves, we have everything you need to be sure of a sleek and smooth finish. Browse our range of paint rollers below and if you have any questions please contact us, if not happy shopping!

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Best Paint Rollers

Finding the best paint rollers for your paint project may seem daunting, but it needn’t be. Whether you’re looking for quality paint rollers for your floor or walls, our selection of specialist paint rollers are sure to have you covered. We only sell the best paint rollers that are available to ensure a smooth finish throughout your paintwork. So, for a long-lasting finish to your paintwork, be sure to come to Promain and choose from our array of paint rollers. We’re confident in saying that we’ll have all your painting needs covered.

All of the paint brushes and paint rollers that we supply would not be sold by us to our customers if they weren't the best quality available. Therefore if you are looking for painting accessories such as paint brushes, paint rollers and other types of painting accessories then make sure you look no further than Promain, as we only sell the best products that we would be more than happy using ourselves.

If you would like to know more about our good quality paint rollers then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be on hand to offer more information about our specialist paint rollers and can make suggestions on which paint roller is most suitable for your project.

Different Types of Paint Rollers and Related Products

When it comes to choosing your paint rollers, there are various options. From double-arm rollers to floor rollers, it’s important to ensure you choose the right roller for your project. Once more, the quality of the paint roller is a huge factor too as it essentially determines the finish of the paintwork. A cheap paint roller or high street paint roller may not give the same quality finish that a specialist paint roller would. Our paint rollers are of course affordable, but they are made by reputable manufacturers such as RODO ProDec, KEIM Optil and Osmo. Some examples of the different types of paint rollers and related products we have available to buy online are:

  • Flooring roller
  • Mini roller
  • Microfibre roller
  • Double arm roller frames
  • Extension pole
  • Roller refills
  • Telescopic paint roller

We not only sell paint rollers on their own but we also sell roller brush sets as well as refills to make sure that you are as equipped as possible with the best products available at the best prices. If you have a painting job to do then make sure you look no further than the products that we supply here at Promain.

Paint Roller Sleeves

Painting with rollers offers a smooth finish. But in time they will need replacing, this is where our paint roller sleeves come into play. We stock a selection of paint roller refills, so you can enjoy working on your project knowing we have paint roller sleeves and refills available from Promain. Whether you’re painting your floor or walls, we have a wide selection of good quality paint rollers to choose from. Our paint roller sleeves are designed to give a smooth appearance to your wall or flooring, and alongside our selection of paints, you’re sure to achieve a professional finish.

Good Quality Paint Rollers

Compared to other high street paint rollers, ours are sure to give you the sleek and long-lasting finish you long for. Don’t let painting become a hassle and let Promain take care of all your painting related needs. We only stock the best paint rollers and good quality paint rollers for our customers, as just like you we want the best possible finish with all your paint work. From paint to paint rollers, paint strippers to paint brushes, we have everything you need and more. Our range of paint products ranges from anything from line marking paint to cladding paint, we’re confident in saying that we’ll have everything you need in just a few clicks. At Promain, we stock a selection of good quality paint rollers. Paint and painting accessories like our paint rollers are our niche, it’s what we love, so we would never stock anything that we didn’t rate as the best or high quality. So regardless of what you’re painting, we’ll have the right paint and paint rollers here for you. Browse our range today and shop online with Promain!

Contact Promain for More Information on Our Paint Rollers

If you’re interested in any of our paint rollers please feel free to shop online with us today. We’re on hand and happy to help in any way possible. If you would like more information about the paint rollers we have available, then please contact us. We’re here to help be it with additional advice and information or recommending which paint roller is best for the project you’re doing. So, for the best paint rollers for business or home use, look no further than Promain and order yours online today.


How do I clean paint rollers?
Once you’re finished with the paint roller, you will need to clean it before storing it away. If there’s excess paint use a putty knife or old knife to scrape off the remaining paint. Use a clean container with soapy water to wash the roller, then add it to clear water to rinse. For water-based or stubborn paints, try mineral spirits to clean the roller then follow again with warm soapy water and clear water to rinse. You must make sure that completely clean and dry before putting away.
How do I use a paint roller?
Good question, although it may seem straight forward, if you’ve never used a roller before it’s best to make sure you know what you’re doing. Simply dip the roller lightly into the paint. This should only cover less than half of the roller. Next, roll the roller backwards and forwards using the ramp in the tray and repeat this until the paint has been evenly distributed. From here, you’re set to paint away. We would recommend rolling in a large zigzag pattern to start then filling the space with a criss-cross motion.
Can you paint doors with a roller?
Yes, you can paint a door with a roller. However, you must make sure that you only paint the parts that are completely flat and for any groves or panels use a brush. When using a roller, you must make sure you leave no roller lap marks, to remove any simply roll a lightly coated roller over the wet coat of paint for a smooth finish. When using a roller to paint a door you must make sure there’s no excess paint being used and do not attempt to paint anything on the door that isn’t flat.
What roller do I use for gloss paint?
The best paint rollers to use for gloss paint are the synthetic fibre roller sleeves. These are the most ideal roller sleeves for oil-based paints, such as gloss paint. If you are painting with a paint roller use gloss paint, then be prepared to complete all paint work at once or over a few consecutive days as it can be difficult to clean the roller after the gloss has been used.
How long do paint rollers last?
The lifespan on a paint roller depends on the paint used, what’s been painted and how well you take care of it. For example, gloss paint is difficult to clean so may only last a few days but others can last much longer when cleaned correctly after use. The best advice we have is to clean the paint roller thoroughly and make sure it’s completely dry before putting it away.