Brick & Concrete Sealers

We supply a number of clear sealants and primers, including Centrecoat All Surface Protector, Driveway sealants, Patio Protection, Ever Build Water Seal and Rustoleum Super Brick Sealer.

Please take the time to browse our product range to find the best clear sealer to meet your requirements.

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  1. Centrecoat All Surface Protector
    Centrecoat All Surface Protector

    A clear sealer for walls, floor and roof tiles, granite, stone, brick, sandstone, limestone, travertine, concrete etc.

    From £23.04 £19.20
  2. Mapei Antipluviol
    Mapei Antipluviol

    A colourless water-repellent impregnator treatment based on silicon compounds in water solution.

    From £23.30 £19.42
  3. Centrecoat R28 Pure Sealer
    Centrecoat R28 Pure Sealer

    A penetrating silane siloxane sealer for porous building materials giving extended protection against water penetration.

    From £38.23 £31.86
  4. Centrecoat Concrete & Brick Sealer
    Centrecoat Concrete & Brick Sealer

    A acrylic water based impregnation treatment which protects by giving added strength to a concrete or brick substrate.

    From £55.08 £45.90
  5. Centrecoat Damp Proof Basement Paint
    Centrecoat Damp Proof Basement Paint

    Perfect for use in basements and interior walls suffering from damp.

    From £60.77 £50.64
  6. Tor SP Stabilising Sealer AK602, 5 Litres
    Tor SP Stabilising Sealer AK602, 5 Litres

    A low viscosity alkali resistant solution for the binding or stabilising friable or highly porous masonry or concrete floor surfaces.

    From £66.36 £55.30
  7. Mapei Antipluviol W
    Mapei Antipluviol W

    A colourless, silane and siloxane-based water repellent impregnator in a watery emulsion.

    From £145.34 £121.12
  8. Mapei Antipluviol S
    Mapei Antipluviol S

    A ultra high performance, transparent, siloxane resin, water-repellant impregnator to protect exposed concrete, stone, bricks and tiles from rain.

    From £246.38 £205.32
  9. Rustoleum Elastofill Acrylic Jointing Compound
    Rustoleum Elastofill Acrylic Jointing Compound

    900% elastic, use for sealing, jointing, filling, fixing and gluing window, door frames and roofing sheets

    From £7.02 £5.85
  10. Tensid Impreg Dust Binder
    Tensid Impreg Dust Binder

    A waterborne acrylic copolymer surface dust binding treatment for concrete and masonry surfaces.

    From £218.40 £182.00
  11. KEIM Ecotec
    KEIM Ecotec

    A solvent free, silicone micro-emulsion based hydrocarbon concentrate for use as an environmentally friendly water repellent and dust suppressant.

    From £121.14 £100.95
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