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If you are looking for structural steel paint then make sure that you take a look at the wide range of products that we have available here at Promain. Our range of structural steel paint are perfect for use on structures that require extreme durability due to the harsh conditions that they are subjected too and they also have a life expectancy of 25 years so you can be sure that they are high performance products that are definitely a value for money. Here at Promain we would only ever make sure that we stock the very best products from only the most trusted manufacturers in the business who we know constantly provide the very best products possible when it comes to structural steel paint.

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  1. Selemix SPP2000 Paint Performance Enhancer, 1 Litre
    Selemix SPP2000 Paint Performance Enhancer, 1 Litre

    Combine to any compatible Selemix topcoat to improve water repellence, dirt pick up and graffiti resistance.

    In stock
  2. Zinga Zingaceram HS, 5 Litres
    Zinga Zingaceram HS, 5 Litres

    A high spec, 2 pack, anti corrosion intermediate MIO coat for steel structures at risk from severe abrasion.

    From £132.00 £110.00
  3. Zinga Zingalufer Formerly Alufer N
    Zinga Zingalufer Formerly Alufer N

    A 1 pack, PU MIO sealer For use over Zinga and Aquazinga, providing a protective seal against salt and chemical exposure.

    From £168.00 £140.00
  4. Hempel Hempadur 45143
    Hempel Hempadur 45143

    A two-component, polyamide adduct cured epoxy paint with good wetting properties and low water permeability.

    From £54.00 £45.00
  5. Sherwin Williams Zinc Clad II EU Ethyl Zinc Silicate Primer
    Sherwin Williams Zinc Clad II EU Ethyl Zinc Silicate Primer

    A self curing solvent based zinc silicate coating for the protection of blast cleaned steel surfaces up to 400°C.

    From £227.36 £189.47
  6. Sherwin Williams Envirolastic 2500
    Sherwin Williams Envirolastic 2500

    Suitable for use in a range of markets where durable performance and aesthetics are needed.

    From £412.69 £343.91
  7. Jotun Marathon 550
    Jotun Marathon 550

    A 2 pack structural steel and piping coating that will continue to cure while immersed.

    From £351.36 £292.80
  8. Carboline Carbozinc 11
    Carboline Carbozinc 11

    Rapid / low temperature curing inorganic zinc product suitable for C3 - CX and immersion environments.

    From £257.04 £214.20
  9. Jotun Barrier 90
    Jotun Barrier 90

    2 pack polyamide cured, zinc rich coating suitable for structural steel or piping exposed in corrosivity categories up to C5.

    From £270.71 £225.59
  10. Tikkurila Temalac FD50
    Tikkurila Temalac FD50

    A semi gloss primer / finish, containing anti-corrosive pigments.

    From £42.68 £35.57
  11. Tikkurila Temaprime EE
    Tikkurila Temaprime EE

    Single Pack Primer for Steel, Aluminium and Zinc surfaces.

    From £52.45 £43.71
  12. Tikkurila Temalac FD80
    Tikkurila Temalac FD80

    A fast drying gloss topcoat for use on steel structures.

    From £42.68 £35.57
  13. Tikkurila Temabond ST300
    Tikkurila Temabond ST300

    An ideal solution for maintenance painting of steel structures.

    From £121.18 £100.98
  14. Tikkurila Temabond ST200
    Tikkurila Temabond ST200

    A Two-Component Aluminium Maintenance Paint For Use on Steel.

    From £84.91 £70.76
  15. Tikkurila Temal 600HB
    Tikkurila Temal 600HB

    A heat resistant paint up to 650°C for steel structures.

    From £485.68 £404.73
  16. Tikkurila Temacoat GPL
    Tikkurila Temacoat GPL

    A two pack topcoat especially for objects exposed to heavy abrasion and chemical attack.

    From £194.28 £161.90
  17. Hempel Speed Dry Alkyd 43141
    Hempel Speed Dry Alkyd 43141

    A quick drying, anti-corrosive finishing coat for steel.

    From £45.90 £38.25
  18. Hempel Hempaquick Enamel 53840
    Hempel Hempaquick Enamel 53840

    A quick drying topcoat for steel, with excellent colour retention.

    From £56.89 £47.41
  19. Hempel Hempadur EM 35740
    Hempel Hempadur EM 35740

    An ultra high solids and very low VOC epoxy coating.

    From £44.95 £37.46
  20. Hempel Hempathane Fast Dry 55750
    Hempel Hempathane Fast Dry 55750

    A two component polyurethane paint with good gloss retention and colour stability.

    From £79.64 £66.37
  21. International Ceilcote 2000 Flakeline
    International Ceilcote 2000 Flakeline

    A solvent free coating designed for installation onto steel or concrete surfaces.

    From £1,040.40 £867.00
  22. International Ceilcote 232 Flakeline
    International Ceilcote 232 Flakeline

    For use on tanks or other steel structures, trenches, pits, secondary containment & floors, where chemical resistance is the primary concern.

    From £677.64 £564.70
  23. International Ceilcote 242 Flakeline
    International Ceilcote 242 Flakeline

    A flake filled vinyl ester coating offering outstanding chemical resistance and a quick return to service.

    From £698.88 £582.40
  24. International Interzone 762
    International Interzone 762

    For the protection of steelwork exposed in aggressive environments.

    From £1,005.54 £837.95
  25. International Intercryl 525
    International Intercryl 525

    A VOC compliant, single component, water based anti-corrosive primer/finish.

    From £497.09 £414.24
  26. International Intercryl 700
    International Intercryl 700

    A single component, water based acrylic finish for use in industrial environments.

    From £497.09 £414.24
  27. International Interzone 485
    International Interzone 485

    A high volume solids, 2 pack catalysed epoxy, capable of being applied up to 3000 microns DFT on marine decks.

    From £533.10 £444.25
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