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Roof Cleaning; Moss Cleaners, Mould Cleaners & Fungicidal Wash

Promain UK Limited has a strong belief that any form of good painting starts with good preparation. In order to get the best finish possible it is vital to have a thoroughly clean surface on which to paint.

Quality Roof Cleaning Products

Our range of Roof Cleaners are top of the bill, and offer you outstanding results in the cleaning and preparation of your roofs. We understand that not all of you will want to paint or seal your roof tiles and you simply just want to clean them in order to remove moss and algae. Centrecoat GS36 Fungicidal wash obliterates moss and algae from roof tiles, parapet brickwork and flat asphalt or rolled felt roofs. As algae and moss dry out during the summer they fall off and can land in the gutters causing blockages. This becomes a more costly and tedious job in the unblocking of gutters. We strongly recommend that you have a browse through our range of Roof Cleaners and pick a cleaner that is suitable for you. 

Roof Cleaning UK

At Promain we have a comprehensive range of roof cleaning products available online, the roof cleaners that we provide are easy to use and will clean and protect your roof. Our roof cleaning products are great for removing mould, moss, stains, dirt and fungi, whatever issue you are having with your roof, we have got you covered. At Promain our large selection of roof cleaning solutions are cost effective and will ensure that our roof is safe, secure and clean all year round. Simply view our range of products online and purchase today.

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  1. Asbestos 3item
  2. Bitumen 3item
  3. Blocks 2item
  4. Bronze 1 item
  5. Ceilings, Plaster 2item
  6. Cementitious 4item
  7. Concrete 5item
  8. Fibreglass 1 item
  9. Floor, Asphalt 1 item
  10. Floor, Block Paving 3item
  11. Floor, Concrete 3item
  12. Floor, Imprinted Concrete 1 item
  13. Floor, Polished Granite 1 item
  14. Floor, Porcelain Tiles 1 item
  15. Floor, Power Floated Concrete 1 item
  16. Floor, Quarry Tiles 1 item
  17. Floor, Stone 3item
  18. Floor, Tarmac 2item
  19. Floor, Terracotta Tiles 1 item
  20. Floor, Wood 2item
  21. Granite 2item
  22. Guttering, Metal 1 item
  23. Guttering, uPVC 1 item
  24. Iron 1 item
  25. Marble 2item
  26. Plastic 1 item
  27. Plastic, Fibre Reinforced 1 item
  28. PVC 1 item
  29. Roofing, Asbestos 5item
  30. Roofing, Asphalt 5item
  31. Roofing, Cement 2item
  32. Roofing, Felt 4item
  33. Roofing, Fibreglass 4item
  34. Roofing, Flat Roofing 4item
  35. Roofing, GRP 1 item
  36. Roofing, Metal 2item
  37. Roofing, Plastisol 1 item
  38. Roofing, Primed Plastisol 1 item
  39. Roofing, Single Ply 5item
  40. Roofing, Stone 4item
  41. Roofing, Tiles 5item
  42. Roofing, Wood 1 item
  43. Steel, Galvanized 1 item
  44. Steel, Primed 1 item
  45. Steel, Stainless 1 item
  46. Stone 5item
  47. Stone, Synthetic 1 item
  48. Tiles, Ceramic 1 item
  49. Tiles, Porcelain 1 item
  50. Tiles, Quarry 1 item
  51. Walls, External Brick 6item
  52. Walls, External Concrete 6item
  53. Walls, External GRP 1 item
  54. Walls, External Pebbledash 3item
  55. Walls, External Plaster 5item
  56. Walls, External Plastisol 1 item
  57. Walls, External Powder Coated 1 item
  58. Walls, External PVDF 1 item
  59. Walls, External PVDF2 1 item
  60. Walls, External Render 5item
  61. Walls, External Rough Cast 1 item
  62. Walls, External Stone 1 item
  63. Walls, External Tiles 3item
  64. Walls, External Wood 3item
  65. Walls, Internal Brick 3item
  66. Walls, Internal Concrete 3item
  67. Walls, Internal New Plaster 1 item
  68. Walls, Internal Plaster 3item
  69. Wood, External 6item
  70. Wood, Internal 2item
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  1. Centrecoat GS36 Fungicidal Wash, 5 Litres
    Centrecoat GS36 Fungicidal Wash, 5 Litres

    Highly concentrated solution for roofs, guttering and driveways which destroys moss, mould and fungi on patios drives etc.

    From £49.70 £41.42
  2. Glixtone Fungi-Shield Sterilising Solution Concentrate
    Glixtone Fungi-Shield Sterilising Solution Concentrate

    Glixtone Fungi-Shield Sterilising Solution will kill and prevent the growth of mould, algae and fungus.

    From £19.55 £16.29
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