Sports Paints

About Sports Paints

Promain supply you with an extensive range of sports paints products for the refurbishment of sport facilities, such as Tennis Courts, Sports Court, Gym Halls, Netball Courts, Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA), Playgrounds ect. If you have the job of maintaining Sports Courts, or are responsible for a Sports Court yourself, you need not look further. We offer you Sports Paints, Line Marking (Striping), Sealants and Fungicidal Cleaners. Our Tennis Court Paints, Squash Court Paint, Swimming Pool Paints and Line Markings are available in a range of standard stock colours as well as special mix colours on request.

It is always important that Sports Courts, play areas and the surrounding areas are in immaculate condition. Whether they are being used by professionals or amateur users, the condition of the court or play area is extremely vital when you are trying to achieve a finish that indicates high quality maintenance. With a wide range of products available for various different sporting activities, Promain aims to provide you with the best brand named products. These product’s offer high performance and optimum protection. Promain only supplies sports paints that adhere to health and safety regulations and are user friendly to anyone who uses them.    

Please select one of the categories below to find the products together with relevant information required. Whether it be Swimming Pool Paint, Tennis Court Paint or any form of cleaner, we are sure you will find what you are looking for as we offer you Sports Paints for a variety of different environments. If you can’t find what you are looking for, or are unsure about the use of any of the products found in these categories you can always call our Technical Department for further advice and help.