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High Performance Boat Varnish

If you are looking for varnish for your boat make sure that you look no further than the products that we have available here at Promain. Whether it is for use on deck or for underneath your boat you will be able to find the perfect varnish for your needs here at Promain. There is nothing nicer than having a well presented boat or yacht and with our high gloss varnish that is especially formulated for use on yachts. Our range of boat varnish or yacht varnish can be used for both interior and exterior wooden furnishings to create a stunning look for your yacht. 

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Marine Varnish

If you want to rejuvenate and enrich the wooden furnishing on your boat then make sure that you take advantage of the excellent range of varnish that we have available that can make your yacht or boat look as good as new and provides a natural looking finish. With our range of varnish you can also be provided with good UV resistance as well as protection from the everyday knocks and bangs that can be experienced in boating. Here at Promain we also have boat varnish or yacht varnish that is suitable for use on the underneath of canal and narrow boats and can be used on wood, metal or concrete surfaces. We make sure that we provide our customers with only the highest quality products that are available on the market to ensure complete customer satisfaction when combined with our excellent prices. We only ever sell products that we would be more than happy using ourselves as well as being a reliable and trustworthy product that we know does exactly what it says on the tin. 

Best Boat Varnish

At Promain we aim to stock the best boat and marine varnish, as well as the best selection of products available on the market. Our boat varnishes are hard wearing and highly durable, ensuring that your boat or marine surface stays strong and reliable. We also aim to make sure that we supply our customers the best selection of boat and marine varnish as well as a variety of finishes and colours, all of which can be used on your boat or marine surface. All of the marine varnishes that we stock are cost effective and durable, they also come in an extensive range to ensure that you receive the best product. At Promain we offer a large collection of marine and boat varnish products suitable for commercial use, we supply primers that are suitable and can be used by businesses or by people who want to do the work themselves. Whether you're a marine company or you're someone that wants to re varnish their boat, you'll find a range of professional products suitable for boats here at Promain.

Boat Deck Varnish

At Promain we stock a range of boat deck varnishes suitable for protecting your deck and restoring its colour. All of our marine deck varnish products are from the biggest brands in the industry and are of the highest standards, helping you to bring your deck back to life in a way that suits you. At Promain we aim to provide the best marine varnish products, ensuring that they suit both your budget and your needs. Whether you are looking to refresh a worn area, or you are more concerned about surface safety, we offer a wide range of aesthetically pleasing, marine varnish for wood, manufactured to look after your wooden boat areas and surfaces.

Boat Varnishing Techniques & Tips

Many boat owners' favourite way to show off the natural beauty of their boat is with boat varnish. We believe that for wooden boats it is best to stick to the traditional type of oil based boat varnish, or the natural sheen and ease of maintenance of an oiled finish. However, maintaining that glossy varnish finish doesn't have to be a battle.

Surface Preparation

Preparation is always key, even if you are just touching up the paintwork on your boat, the surface should always be sanded so that the new varnish will adhere to it. Varnish should always be sanded with a fine grit, 150 or less, a course paper will leave scratches which will be impossible to hide. The smoother the surface of the bare wood the better will be the final finish.

Once the sanding is complete it is vital that you clean off all traces of dust, then finish off by wiping the surface with a 'tack rag', a lint free cloth damped with white spirit or denatured alcohol. There may be occasions when you wish to remove unsightly wood stains from the surface before re-varnishing, this can be done with a bleaching solution such as oxalic acid.


The reason we advise for priming the wood, whether for painting or varnishing is to create a good bond between the wood and the paint/varnish. When brushing out the boat varnish, finish off by brushing with the grain, most of this first coat should soak into the wood leaving very little gloss on the surface.

The first sealer coat of boat varnish to penetrate deeply it needs to be thinned fifty/fifty with mineral spirits, this first coat will raise a 'nap' on the surface which will need to be sanded flat before any subsequent coats, the second coat need only be thinned by about twenty-five percent. Sand again and touch up any bare spots then sand again before going on to applying un-thinned coats of boat varnish. Two coats is the minimum you will need.

Top Coats

When you are satisfied with the base coats allow them at least 24 hours to dry.

Then after a final sanding and clean up you can begin coating with un-thinned boat varnish. Pour enough varnish for one coat into a small container then reseal the can to keep the remaining varnish from being contaminated. When brushing out the varnish, finish off by brushing with the grain.

How many coats is up to you but the very minimum is three preferably five or more. Then, after all that careful work you need to maintain the finish and UV protection by giving it a coat or two every few months or so.

Marine Varnish for Sale

Should you require marine varnish, look no further, at Promain we are home to an extensive range of products, our selection of marine varnish includes a range of products suitable for boats, yachts and areas with water supply. All of our marine varnishes have been sourced to the highest standards. Whatever it is that you are looking for, we guarantee that Promain has got you covered, simply take a look at our extensive range of products that are available to purchase online today. We supply some of the best boat and yacht varnishes in the UK and what’s more is, at Promain our product selection is backed up by our highly skilled technical team who are experts in everything to do with marine varnish. Our varnishes aim to help to keep your boat looking clean and as good as new and you can trust Promain as we only ever provide our customers with the very best products. We understand that your boat is your pride and joy so you will want to keep it looking as clean and as tidy as possible whilst ensuring it is protected from harsh weather and fouling creatures.

Why Choose Promain for Marine Varnish?

At Promain we only supply high quality marine and boat varnish, we aim to offer the very best selection of products which are all available on the market. What’s more is we also stock hard wearing boat varnish that can be used on a range of marine interior and exterior surfaces. Whatever type of marine varnish you require, all of the boat and yacht varnish that we stock are cost effective and hard wearing, they also come in an extensive range of products that are suitable for use in all areas. At Promain we provide a wide range of products suitable for both commercial and domestic use. We supply marine varnish that are suitable and can be used by a paint company or by people who want to do the work themselves. You'll find a range of professional marine varnish and boat varnish products here at Promain.

For the Best Boat Varnish and Marine Varnish, Contact Promain Today

If you have any questions about our fantastic range of boat varnish and marine varnish that we have available, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call as we would be more than happy to discuss any of our products with you. We would only ever sell the best quality products that are available on the market that have been made by only the very best manufacturers in the industry to ensure complete customer satisfaction and complete protection for your boat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat/Marine Varnish

How many coats of varnish on a boat?

The amount of coats of varnish you use is entirely up to you. Here at Promain we recommend that the very minimum is three preferably five or more.

Can you paint over marine spar varnish?

You can paint over varnished wood as long as you use the right materials and painting process. The best paint to use is a water-based acrylic one. If you’re using an oil-based paint only use an oil-based primer, not an acrylic one.

How long does marine varnish last?

Generally speaking, two-part marine varnishes that tops in terms of sturdiness can last for about two by up to three years. Exterior varnish will commonly last two up to three years prior for it to begin cracking off or appearing chalky.

Where can I buy marine varnish?

When you require boat varnish or marine varnish, make sure that you call on the team at Promain. We are known for the high quality products that we stock as well as being the UK’s leading paint and primer provider. We are home to a highly experienced team and are experts in the area, whatever your needs or requirements, whether its marine varnish or boat varnish we have always got you covered. Should you have any questions or queries feel free to get in touch with Promain today.

How do I buy boat varnish from Promain Paints?

When you are buying boat varnish or marine varnish make sure to buy from Promain Paint. We are known for being the UK’s leading boat varnish supplier, our expert team have years of experience as well as a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all types of marine and boat varnishes, should you be looking for marine varnish or boat varnish, you can trust that we will have all of your needs covered. Whether you are looking to varnish a commercial boat or a small boat, when you choose to buy boat varnish from Promian you can trust that all of our products will be available to you at great prices.