Kitchen and Bathroom Paints

Kitchen and Bathroom Paints from Promain

A range of paints such as the Glixtone Fungi-Shield FS42 formulated to reduce Mould, Black spot and Algae. These coatings are suitable for use in kitchen, utility and bathrooms, on ceilings and walls. Rustoleum offer an anti-condensation paint designed to absorbs moisture from the air and when dry air refills the room the paint will slowly release the water vapour back into the atmosphere.

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  1. Centrecoat Aquafloor Anti Slip Floor Paint
    Centrecoat Aquafloor Anti Slip Floor Paint

    An anti slip floor paint containing a fine aggregate, offers ease of cleaning and low dirt retention.

    From £78.17 £65.14
  2. Coo-Var Anti Condensation Paint
    Coo-Var Anti Condensation Paint

    Prevents condensation forming on walls and ceilings in moisture prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

    From £23.10 £19.25
  3. Teknos Timantti W Moisture Sealer
    Teknos Timantti W Moisture Sealer

    A water-borne acrylate based moisture sealer that forms a steam-proof film for high moisture walls and ceilings.

    From £38.45 £32.04
  4. Tikkurila Helmi 10 / 30 / 80
    Tikkurila Helmi 10 / 30 / 80

    A multi-purpose internal furniture paint available in 3 gloss levels. Suitable for coating both metal and wood internally.

    From £72.40 £60.33
  5. Graphenstone StopWater Premium
    Graphenstone StopWater Premium

    A temporary anti-humidity treatment which allows the application of paint on surfaces with humidity.

    From £29.04 £24.20
  6. Centrecoat Aqua Anti-Bacterial Hygiene
    Centrecoat Aqua Anti-Bacterial Hygiene

    Anti Bacterial Hygiene paint for hospitals, kitchens, schools, vets, food preparation areas, prisons and restaurants.

    From £74.11 £61.76
  7. Teknos Futura Aqua 5
    Teknos Futura Aqua 5

    A durable water-borne urethane alkyd based top coat for interior wooden and metal furniture.

    From £69.43 £57.86
  8. Teknos Timantti Clean Antibacterial Paint
    Teknos Timantti Clean Antibacterial Paint

    For internal walls and ceilings where surfaces must be hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to abrasion.

    From £38.87 £32.39
  9. Glixtone Fungi-Shield FS42 - FS43
    Glixtone Fungi-Shield FS42 - FS43

    A water-based coating offering long term protection against fungal attack, mould or mildew.

    From £36.60 £30.50
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