About Basement Paints

A Quality Selection of Paints for Basements

Promain offer an advanced range of basements paints, perfect for refurbishing your basement and other damp walls at home or at work.

Browsing through our range of products and you will find basement paints that have been designed and developed by the likes of Zinsser, Mapelastic and Rustoleum, including the bestseller ‘Zinsser Watertite Basement Waterproofing Paint’, perfect for damp, flaking or stained walls in basements or garages.

If you have any questions regarding the damp proofing garage and basement paints found in this section, please don’t hesitate to contact the technical support team. We will provide you with all the necessary information needed.

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Zinsser Watertite Basement Waterproofing Paint

Zinsser Watertite Basement Waterproofing Paint

Paint for Waterproofing Basements use on Damp and Wet Walls, stops up to 34 lbs of water pressure.

From £65.11 (£78.13 Inc VAT)
Mapei Mapelastic Foundation

Mapei Mapelastic Foundation

Two-component, flexible cementitious mortar for waterproofing concrete surfaces subject to both positive and negative wate...

£135.36 (£162.43 Inc VAT)
Rustoleum 5130 Primer DSP Damp Surface Primer

Rustoleum 5130 Primer DSP Damp Surface Primer

Specially formulated to provide an ultra resistant surface that prevents vapour, pressure and moisture build up, dampness ...

£43.85 (£52.62 Inc VAT)
Rustoleum Durbocem for Wet Walls

Rustoleum Durbocem for Wet Walls

For renovation for permanently damp walls, persistent damp flaking stained walls in cellars garages.

From £47.90 (£57.48 Inc VAT)
Fosroc Nitocote EP403

Fosroc Nitocote EP403

A two pack, solvent free, epoxy resin suitable for below ground or damp environments where concrete cannot be dried out.

£123.05 (£147.66 Inc VAT)
Johnstones Trade Stop Mould

Johnstones Trade Stop Mould

A water based matt internal emulsion paint specially formulated to resist mould growth for areas prone to intermittent dam...

£55.37 (£66.44 Inc VAT)

6 Items

Damp Wall Waterproofing Garage and Basement Paints

Limited airflow in rooms such as basements can cause mould to grow due to the damp surface. When this happens, a strong waterproofing paint is required to prevent the growth of mould and unsightly looking walls.

As it so happens, we have a range of solutions here to help you in your quest for a cleaner looking basement. Anti-fungal paints and coatings can be used to protect the surface from the growth of mould and products like Zinsser Water-Tite can be used to hold back the water pressure. Rustoleum Durbocem is an ideal solution for damp walls and surfaces too.

Durbocem has long been regarded as one of the best basement paints around. Once applied, it still allows the surface to breathe assuming all other existing paints and loose debris have been removed appropriately.

Anti Damp Paint

Are you shopping for anti damp paint? Then look no further than Promain. Within our selection of basement paints, we have anti damp paints available. We understand that damp can often happen out of our control, so with our anti damp paints we can help with resolving that issue and preventing it in the future. Once more, we have a selection of anti damp paint to choose from, so no matter what you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for with Promain.

Paint to Stop Damp on Walls

Something that can occur very easily in basements is damp on walls. So, if you’re looking for a solution for this then be sure to try our paint to stop damp on walls. They are designed to both stop damp on walls and prevent it in the future. All of our paints to stop damp on walls are high quality and very affordable, so you can quickly resolve any issues with damp walls with Promain. Especially in a basement where it is naturally cold and damp, damp walls can occur, so come to Promain where we offer the best paint to stop damp on walls.

Damp Basement

Many homeowners in the UK have damp basements and simply don’t know what to do about it. Not for much longer as Promain has the solution. We offer basement paints online that can both help with damp proofing and waterproofing your basement. Regardless of the size of your basement or its current condition, we’re more than confident in saying that our selection of paints can help with your damp basement. Make your basement somewhere to enjoy and choose Promain for the best range of basement paints today.

Waterproofing Basement Walls

Basements are well known to be damp, wet and cold without treatment. But it doesn’t have to be. By simply waterproofing basement walls you can quickly reduce if not remove the damp in your basement whilst also making the walls waterproof in future. So, if you’re looking to waterproof your basement walls, let Promain cater to your every need as we have a wide variety of basement paints to choose from. Simply shop our waterproofing basement wall paint today and see for yourself just how good our quality of paints really are.

Improving your Property with Protective Paint

The garage and basement paints found within this section provide the answer to those of you looking to convert or improve existing cellars, garages or basements. These rooms in particular can be subject to flooding and wet areas, which can play a massive role in the deterioration of surfaces.

Areas of flooding or with a high water table create negative hydrostatic pressure, which is water pressure pushing at the paint coating from behind. When this happens, the coating can bubble, blister and flake. Coatings with poor adhesion properties will blister and ruin the look of your basement.

It’s important that the wall is clean and any loose material has been removed to ensure an effective renovation. Render additives such as Sika-1 can be mixed in with screeds in order to create a waterproofing layer. Mapei products such as Mapeplastic (which can also be used in Swimming Pools) are often used for basement projects.

Should you require on-site support or guidance on preparation and application, please get in touch with Promain and ask any questions you have relating to basement paints or any of the other products found within this section.

Why Choose Promain for Basement Paints?

Having offered our basement paints online for many years now, Promain has become the first choice for many. We have developed an outstanding reputation across the UK for both our quality of basement paints and our customer satisfaction. So, no matter your reasons for basement paint, rest assured that Promain has your every need covered. Having listened to the feedback from our customers, some of the main reasons why we believe that you should choose us for basement paints online are:

  • We have years of experience
  • We offer a selection of basement paints
  • We’re passionate about what we do
  • We’re well known throughout the UK
  • We’re competitively priced - Browse our range of basement paints to find out more

For more information about us or our basement paints please do not hesitate to contact Promain today. We are always just a phone call away and will be happy to help in any way possible. Simply contact us today to find out more about our basement paints.

Best Basement Paint

Here at Promain, we’re proud to provide the best basement paint online. No matter the current condition of your basement, you’re sure to see a transformation when shopping with Promain for your basement paint. Nothing is ever too small or too large for us, so if you’re looking for the best basement paint online, you’re sure to find just that with Promain. Simply browse through our range of basement paints online today and be sure to shop with Promain.

Contact Promain for Basement Paints Online

If you’re looking for basement paints online, come to none other than Promain. We come highly recommended throughout the UK for our paints, so no matter if you’re shopping for domestic or industrial use, we’re more than confident in saying that we can help. Simply contact Promain for basement paints online today and we will be on hand to take care of your every need. From answering your questions to providing more information, our team are always happy to help you.

Basement Paint FAQs

How much are basement paints?

The cost of basement paints can vary depending on many things. In order for us to provide the most accurate prices with our basement paints, we ask that you browse our range online. This will show you our selection of basement paints, their individual details and prices.

How do I order basement paints?

When ordering online with Promain it’s super easy! Simply find the basement paint you would like to buy, add it to your basket, enter the delivery postcode at the cart and head over to the checkout. You will have to fill in your delivery and payment details and then just await the delivery!

Are basement paints waterproof?

A lot of basement paints are waterproof. At Promain, we have a selection of waterproof basement paints to choose from. Please be sure to read the details of our products to discover more about our waterproof basement paints.

Can basement paints stop damp?

Some basement paints can stop and reduce damp build up. Especially in a basement, damp is very common, so by treating it accordingly, this can reduce any further damp.

Is it OK to use paint on basement walls?

Yes, of course, at Promain we have specially designed basement paints to do just that. So, if you need to paint your basement, be sure to shop online with Promain. Shop our range of basement paints today.