Anti-Slip Bolt Down Plates

About Anti-Slip Bolt Down Plates

If you have a external stairwell or step edge that suffers from slip risk, Promain provide a full range of bolt down plates where adhesive or paint application is not suitable. Bolt down plates are also ideal for areas that are constantly wet, uneven or have loose surfaces. One of the most popular uses of anti slip strips are on external wooden surfaces such as decking. Bolt down plates are manufactured specifically for these purposes, with countersunk eyelets for easy application, and can be fitted using screws, nails or clips depending on design.

Typically made from weatherproof aluminium, Promain's bolt down plates will not tarnish in foul weather year round. Promain provide a range of products from manufacturers including Rust-Oleum's Supergrip range and Centrecoat's selection of GRP. With a non slip coating covering the top surface, bolt down plates are an ideal, heavy duty, anti-slip solution for external and internal use alike.

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  1. Centrecoat Anti-Slip Stair Nosing, 70 x 55mm
    Centrecoat Anti-Slip Stair Nosing, 70 x 55mm

    An inexpensive solution to the hazards associated with worn or slippery steps.

    From £19.25 £16.04
  2. Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating
    Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating

    Specially designed to provide the ultimate in reliable performance, even in the most demanding conditions.

    From £193.64 £161.37

6 Items

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Anti slip bolt down plates are suitable for a wide range of substrates including brick, wood, concrete, tile or decking. As the step nosings tend to become worn over time from long term use, bolt down plates can bring added protection for both users and the underlying groundwork. Bolt down plates are also ideal for ramps leading into buildings to ensure safety of users no matter the weather. Available in a range of easily identified safety colours, non slip bolt down plates have the added benefit of being a visual aid in low lit areas.

If you are interested in anti-slip products for domestic or commercial use, contact our technical team to find the best product for your application.