Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating

Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating

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Available in various sizes and colours. Contact us for further details.
Available in various sizes and colours

Product Description

This product line is available in various sizes and colours. Please contact us on 01462 421333 so we can get the best product and price for your individual project.

Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating is the strongest Fibreglass Grating available on the market today, brought to you at excellent prices. Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating is part of our fantastic range of Anti Slip GRP products that offer users outstanding Anti Grip properties.

Best Uses

Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating has been specially designed to provide the ultimate in reliable performance, even in the most demanding conditions and is best used in industrial and commercial exposures for providing an Anti Slip surface so that staff and pedestrians alike can walk safely and care free. 


Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating is simple and easy to apply, using a strong adhesive. If you have more questions regarding the application of this Anti Slip GRP Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating then please do not hesitate in calling us on 01462 421 333. 

Surface and Environment 

Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating is available in several different grades including, twingrid grating, covered top grating, plain top fibreglass grating, concave grating and grit top grating. Centrecoat Fibreglass Grating can be used internally or externally in all kinds of demanding conditions to offer an anti slip surface even when the flooring is wet or icy