Centrecoat GRP In-Fil Decking Strips

Non Hazardous
An anti-slip solution for timber decking.
Available in 50mm and 100mm widths and various lengths
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Product Description

Centrecoat GRP In-Fil Decking Strips are manufactured from corrosion resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (Fibreglass) and have been designed for easy installation onto existing timber decking.

Best Uses

Centrecoat GRP Decking Strips benefits from a hard-wearing silicon carbide grit incorporated into to the top surface to provide an effective anti-slip finish, which out performs conventional aluminium or rubber material in terms of slip resistance. Unique chamfered edge ensures a low profile fit, reducing the trip hazard.

A suggested life span of 25 years is expected, but not guaranteed, and is based on a number of variables such as environmental, installation process, maintenance, loading and traffic conditions. GRP is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, across a wide temperature spectrum. GRP can be made using different resin systems to achieve specific chemical resistant properties.

  • Anti-slip
  • High strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire retardant
  • Corrosive resistant
  • UV stable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non conductive

The integral angular quartz gritted surface has been tested in accordance with BS7976-2 and provides an exceptional level of slip resistance. Lifespan depends on frequency of use.


Designed to be glued and screwed in place.

Technical Details
  • Contains a fire resistant additive and comply with Euro Class 1 and ISO11952-2. Performance is equivalent to ASTM E84 class 1 and BS476 part 7 class 2 flame spread to give a 30 minute burn time.
  • Available in various widths and lengths.
  • Available in black, beige, yellow.
  • Available to fit over decking groves as shown.

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