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Rust Removers, Killers, Inhibitors and Treatments

Promain supply a vast range of rust converters and rust killers, designed for application to metal surfaces which have rusted, or ones that you want to protect against corrosion.

See below our range of anti-rust paints and rust converters, suitable for a range of applications.

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  1. Owatrol Oil for Rusted Surfaces
    Owatrol Oil for Rusted Surfaces

    For treating rusted surfaces. Also prevents rust forming and stops corrosion. Usable as a paint additive.

    From £17.57 £14.64
  2. Owatrol Marine Oil
    Owatrol Marine Oil

    A rust inhibiting primer which is suitable for finishing with both single and 2-pack paints and finishes.

    From £19.64 £16.37
  3. Owatrol CIP Corrosive Inhibiting Primer
    Owatrol CIP Corrosive Inhibiting Primer

    An anti-corrosive primer that penetrates metal and stops rust to steel structures, motor vehicles, civil engineering and marine equipment.

    From £34.19 £28.49
  4. FLAG RC Rust Converter
    FLAG RC Rust Converter

    A high performance, water based heavy duty rust killer that neutralises rust and forms a tough black surface.

    From £20.08 £16.73
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