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Swimming pools require extremely durable paint coatings to cope with constant submersion in warm chlorinated or salt water, especially outdoors where high levels of UV are present during the summer months and often covered in ice during the winter. Promain have been supplying swimming pool paint for over 30 years and have a vast amount of experience of specifying the correct paint for every surface whether it is a newly rendered swimming pool or an old pool that has been painted many times. Newly rendered swimming pools must have Sika 1 added to the render to prevent ground water from seeping from the ground into the swimming pool, this water will saturate the render and cause it to delaminate along with the paint.

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  1. Teamac Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint
    Teamac Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

    Premium Quality Teamac G149 Chlorinated Rubber Paint for swimming pools, ponds etc.

    From £72.97 £60.81
  2. Coo-Var P101 2 Pack PU Swimming Pool Paint
    Coo-Var P101 2 Pack PU Swimming Pool Paint

    A long lasting solvent based, non chalking swimming pool paint.

    From £212.11 £176.76
  3. Coo-Var Swimming Pool Paint
    Coo-Var Swimming Pool Paint

    Coo-Var Swimming Pool Paint for swimming pools, ponds etc.

    From £95.84 £79.87
  4. Bradite Chlorinated Rubber CG23 / CC24
    Bradite Chlorinated Rubber CG23 / CC24

    Quick drying coating with excellent water and good chemical resistance. Ideal for use on swimming pools.

    From £87.60 £73.00

9 Items

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As with all aspects of painting preparation is the most important part of the process, for the best finish all paint manufactures will recommend that the surface is sand blasted to remove all traces of the old paint and any other contamination on the surface. This will also reveal any defects in the render of the pool that need to be raked out and repaired with a suitable repair mortar such as the Rustoleum light Weight Repair Mortar. Again we would suggest that metal panel pools are sand blasted to remove and traces of rust quickly followed by a coat of Teamac Metaclor Primer and not a standard red oxide primer. This primer has been specially formulated to offer greater adhesion to not only concrete render but also to unpainted fiberglass. 

A good sound chlorinated rubber paint does not require the application of Metaclor Primer but must be suitably cleaned and abraded to provide a key for the new coat to adhere to. The technical department at Promain are often contacted by clients who are looking to paint a flexible swimming pool liner and see the word rubber in the description of the paint and expect this to be suitable for their requirement, unfortunately due to factors such as silicon release agents being added to the pool liner during manufacture paint will not adhere to the surface.

A range of cleaners and degreasers are available to remove sediment of body fats, sun tan lotion and salts before painting. Promain have a couple of powerful water based cleaners such as the Coo-Var Universal Degreaser Cleaner or Coo-Var water based degreaser an environmentally friendly degreaser suitable for use on concrete, steel, fiberglass and existing paint coatings. Primers will need to be selected for each surface also this is important to eliminate non-compatible paint systems. Chlorinated rubber such as the Teamac Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint is the traditional coating used this is a single pack solvent based product that is best applied by a short pile, mohair roller as the paint is extremely thin and also very fast drying, if Chlorinated Rubber Paint is applied too quickly or too thick small micro blisters develop in the paint film this creates weak spots and will fail prematurely.

If you require a more durable and longer lasting coating that offers better color retention use a two pack polyurethane paint these paints are formulated from two components one being the paint the other is a hardener that you add to the paint, this produces a far more durable coating with a life expectancy far in excess or single component paints. Chlorinated rubber, polyurethane and water based paints are suitable for fishponds and water features providing they are constructed of concrete and rendered or made from fiberglass.

Another product offered by Promain is a unique treatment produced by Guard Industries Guard Slip Resistant, this easy to apply treatment ensures that with just one simple application, slippery surfaces become low-slip instantly. Guard Industries Guard Slip Resistant formally Gliss Guard, can be applied to mineral surfaces, ceramic tiles, concrete, marble, terrazzo, tiles. The process does not materially alter the nature of a surface but will not only reduce the risk of injury from a fall but will also help with Health and Safety requirements. Swimming pool repair and maintenance companies often use this product when finishing the pool surroundings for a slip resistant finish.

Are you unsure of which swimming pool paint will suit your needs? Why not speak to the technical team at Promain on 01462 421333. Maybe you're looking for Swimming Pool Enclosure Paint?