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If you are looking for ceiling paint or ceiling paint then you are sure to find what you need below. Promain supplies only the very best ceiling paint available on the market to ensure that your ceiling is durable surface to your living space. Our range of ceiling paint products come in a range of historic colours to ensure you get the exact match for your tractor to make sure that you get the perfect desired finish. Promain makes sure that we provide only the very best ceiling paints available on the market that have been sourced from the very best manufacturers in the industry who we know are trustworthy enough to provide high performance products every time.

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  1. KEIM Innostar
    KEIM Innostar

    A first-class, ultra covering, highly yielding and healthy sol-silicate one coat interior paint that is fast, safe, easy to use and is ideal for ceili...

    From £50.23 £41.86
  2. Teknos Teknoceiling 02
    Teknos Teknoceiling 02

    A full matt, water borne acrylic topcoat for internal ceilings and walls.

    From £13.93 £11.61
  3. The Traditional Paint Company Chalk Emulsion Paint
    The Traditional Paint Company Chalk Emulsion Paint

    An extremely matt paint that will dry to form a finish similar to that of a blackboard. Available in a variety of colours.

    From £64.80 £54.00
  4. The Traditional Paint Company Oil Bound Distemper
    The Traditional Paint Company Oil Bound Distemper

    Ideal for Victorian building owners who seek to restore walls and furniture to their original state.

    From £72.00 £60.00
  5. Teknos Timantti 3
    Teknos Timantti 3

    A full matt water-borne acrylate dispersion primer for walls and ceilings indoors.

    From £10.42 £8.68
  6. Teknos Timantti 20
    Teknos Timantti 20

    A semi matt water-borne acrylate paint for walls and ceilings indoors.

    From £35.40 £29.50
  7. Teknos Timantti 7
    Teknos Timantti 7

    A mildew resistant, washable, water-borne, matt, acrylate dispersion paint for internal walls and ceilings.

    From £51.79 £43.16
  8. Teknos Timantti Clean Antibacterial Paint
    Teknos Timantti Clean Antibacterial Paint

    For internal walls and ceilings where surfaces must be hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to abrasion.

    From £35.40 £29.50

10 Items

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Shop Online for the Best Ceiling Paints

Our range of ceiling paint is perfect for providing a sleek coating that provides a high gloss finish and is fast drying, you really couldn’t ask for better products at such great prices. Our range of tractor enamel is perfect for providing a durable and protected surface for the metal underneath to ensure that your tractor remains healthy and protected for a long time to come. At Promain we make sure that we only ever source our products from manufacturers that we know we can trust to ensure complete customer satisfaction each and every time. At Promain we would only ever sell products that we would be happy using ourselves and that is why we are sure that all of the products that we have available are of the highest quality as we have made sure that they are a high performance product that does exactly what it says on the tin.

If you have any questions about the ceiling paint that we have available then please don’t hesitate to call one of the members of our Technical team at Promain they would be more than happy to give you any advice that you require.

White Ceiling Paint

Should you be looking for white ceiling paint, Promain can help, we provide a range of enamel products and paints that are suitable for a number of uses. Our selection of enamel products includes a range of ceiling paint that have all been created for those clients looking for white ceiling paint. When it comes to ceiling paint, our products are resistant, safe and durable. The ceiling paint that we supply can also provide protection, if necessary, for more information, call Promain today, or alternatively, check out our product range online.

Quality Ceiling Paint Suppliers

At Promain, we are home to a large selection of ceiling paint that can be used on a variety of different surfaces. We aim to make sure that we have ceiling paint that are suitable for all of our customers and their needs as well as being suitable for use in a range of different environments.

We supply a range of ceiling paint to customers across the UK and our EWI products are all sourced to the highest standards. What's more, is we only provide industry-leading products, so you can trust that you’ve come to the right place for ceiling paint when you choose Promain. As specialists in paint, our ceiling paint products can help to renovate your static home or caravan, so what are you waiting for, use our range of products to help transform your building.

We make sure that we sell only the very best quality of ceiling paint available on the market to ensure that we have complete customer satisfaction. For that very reason we only sell products that we know are completely trustworthy and that we would be more than happy using ourselves.

UK’s Leading EWI System Supplier

When you are looking to buy ceiling paint be sure to buy from Promain Paint, the UK’s leading EWI system exterior suppliers. Our team has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all types of ceiling paint , whether you are looking to repair or waterproof your EWI system, you can rest assured that we have your needs covered. What’s more when you choose to buy ceiling paint from Promian you can trust all of our products are available at great prices.

Why Choose Promain Paints For Ceiling Paint?

At Promain we only supply high quality ceiling paint, we aim to offer the very best selection of products which are all available on the market. What’s more is we also stock hard wearing ceiling paint that can be used on a range of interior and exterior surfaces. We also ensure that we supply our customers with a large range of specialist enamel in a variety of different finishes and colours. Whatever type of ceiling paint you require, all of the ceiling paints that we stock are cost effective and hard wearing, they also come in an extensive range of products that are suitable for use in all areas. At Promain we provide a wide range of products suitable for both commercial and domestic use. We supply ceiling paint that is suitable and can be used by a paint company or by people who want to do the work themselves. You'll find a range of professional enamel products here at Promain.

For Ceiling Paint, Contact Promain Paints Today

When looking for ceiling paint, look no further, Promain has got you covered. At Promain we aim to provide our customers with a range of products that are suitable for their needs and requirements, should you be unsure about which enamel product would be best for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Promain. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about any of our ceiling paint and will always help to make sure that you get a product that will be suitable for all of your requirements.