KEIM Innostar

Non Hazardous
A first-class, ultra covering, highly yielding and healthy sol-silicate one coat interior paint that is fast, safe, easy to use and is ideal for ceilings.
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Product Description

KEIM Innostar is a first-class, ultra covering, highly yielding and healthy sol-silicate one coat interior paint that is fast, safe, easy to use and is ideal for ceilings.

KEIM Innostar is free from plasticisers, solvents and preservatives and is practically odour-free so that the room or space can be occupied quickly after application.

Best Uses

KEIM Innostar is an innovative interior paint, with excellent coverage meaning that in the majority of cases only one coat is required, even onto new, unpainted plaster.

Innostar excels by its very high covering capacity in combination with an outstandingly elegant white colour shade. It is suitable for all common interior wall and ceiling surfaces thanks to its universal material character. KEIM Innostar can be used for first or typical renovation coatings in residential or commercial spaces such as department stores, offices, schools or public authorities. This product is particularly good for buildings that have to be renovated and reutilized within a short time period. Suitable for areas where paint odour could be an issue as Keim Innostar is odourless. KEIM Innostar is ultra covering so that one coat is mostly sufficient. KEIM Innostar is suitable for all common interior substrates except for surfaces with salt efflorescences, varnish or wood.

  • Ultra covering
  • High degree of whiteness
  • Very low-odour
  • Excellent application properties
  • Highly permeable (sd ≤ 0.01 m)
  • Very yielding
  • Low-stress
  • Ecologically sound
  • Velvet matt surface
  • Solvent- and plasticizer-free
  • Incombustible
  • Truly mineral because silicate emulsion paint to definition as per DIN 18 363 par. 2.4.1
  • Anti-mould thanks to natural alkalinity
  • No preservatives added
  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN EN 13 300 (also complies with DIN 18 363, 2.4.1, silicate emulsion paint)


The substrate must be sound, solid, dry, clean and free of dust and grease. Substrate and air temperature during application and drying > 5°C. No pretreatment is necessary for gypsum based fillers. Optimization of surface homogeneity of subsequent paint coats, in particular under difficult light conditions, can be achieved by a pretreatment with KEIM Soliprim. In the case of glancing light conditions, the substrate must be appropriately prepared, suitable tools must be used, and greater care must be taken with application. KEIM Innostar may be applied by paint brush, roller or airless sprayer (nozzle size: 421; see technical data sheet “Airless technique” for further information). Dilute the paint material only with water.

Base coat: (if needed on very high-contrast surfaces): Dilute 10 l of KEIM Innostar with maximum 0.5 l of clean water.

White and many colours according to KEIM‘s Palette exclusiv colour swatches. When using less covering shades such as red, orange or yellow we recommend a priming coat with KEIM Innostar in the same colour tone.

KEIM Innostar is part of the extensive range of Keim products available from Promain.

Technical Details

Approvals & Certifications

  • Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver

Technical Info

Components: Single Pack
Type: Sol-Silicate Interior Paint
Finish: Matt
Stock Colours: White
Tintable: Yes to Keim Palette Exclusiv colours. Please note, tinted products are non refundable.
VOC Content: -
Volume Solids: -
Suitable Substrates: All common interior substrates except for surfaces with salt efflorescences, varnishings or wood
Application Method: Brush, Roller or Airless Spray
Theoretical Coverage: 0.125lt per square metre per coat
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): -
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): -
Application Conditions:  Ambient and substrate temperature above 5°C and below 30°C.
Pot Life: -
Touch Dry: -
Overcoatable: -
Fully Cured: 6 hours
Cleaner / Thinner: Clean tools with water immediately after use
Shelf Life: 12 months if kept dry, cool, frost free and in tightly closed containers
Packaging: Available in 5 Litres or 12.5 Litres

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