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FeRFA, the Resin Flooring Association, is a not-for-profit organisation representing the leading manufacturers, specialist contractors and associated companies involved in industrial and commercial resin flooring, screed and surface preparation. FeRFA do not represent the domestic/residential resin driveway industry.

Synthetic resin flooring is classified into eight specific types, each exhibiting its own particular performance characteristics. A variety of synthetic resins, typically epoxy, polyurethane and methacrylate, can be formulated to produce the different resin types.

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  1. Sherwin Williams Resuflor HB
    Sherwin Williams Resuflor HB

    Formerly Resutop Clear / Resucoat HB. A two-pack solvent-free high-performance clear floor coating for industrial floors.

    From £120.44 £100.37

  2. Mapei Mapecoat i 600 W
    Mapei Mapecoat i 600 W

    Two- component, transparent epoxy impregnator for water dispersion.

    From £283.84 £236.53

  3. PPG Nu-Klad SL
    PPG Nu-Klad SL

    A 3 component, solvent free, self leveling epoxy floor coating suitable for industrial areas with heavy traffic on to concrete.

    From £578.86 £482.38

  4. Sherwin Williams Resuprime MVT
    Sherwin Williams Resuprime MVT

    A two-component epoxy resin primer that is tolerant of residual moisture in concrete floors.

    From £132.10 £110.08

  5. Sherwin Williams Resuflor HB CC
    Sherwin Williams Resuflor HB CC

    Provides a tough and durable floor protection finish, that will cure down to low temperatures.

    From £102.00 £85.00

  6. PPG SigmaCover 2 / Amerlock 2  Low Temperature
    PPG SigmaCover 2 / Amerlock 2 Low Temperature

    A 2 pack, fast drying, high solids, low temperatures epoxy coating for concrete and steel. LUL Cert 1329.

    From £82.97 £69.14

  7. PPG Sigma AquaCover 400
    PPG Sigma AquaCover 400

    Sigma AquaCover 400 two component polyamine cured water borne epoxy coating for steel and concrete.

    From £142.48 £118.73

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