LUL APR Below Solebar

Promain are the UK's leading supplier of impact resistant coatings designed for application to areas below the solebar on rolling stock. As you can see below, our range of solebar coatings includes products from the leading paint manufacturer 3M Scotchkote.

Products within this range have been specifically developed for use in the rail industry where an impact resistant, anti-corrosive, and abrasion resistant coating is required. The railway is constantly exposed to harsh conditions all year round, whether heat from the sun, or rain and snow, and so it needs to be protected in the best possible manner. As suppliers of high quality coatings for use below the solebar on rolling stock, Promain are able to specify a particular product to suit your needs. By using high performance liquid coatings from 3M Scotchkote the substrate will have long lasting protection all year round.
To make an inquiry regarding paint for below the solebar on train rolling stock, make sure you contact the technical department at Promain today on: 01462 421 333. We will be able to give you any further information you need relating to the 3M Scotchkote products we supply and will happily discuss your requirements with you.

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