About Patio Jointing

Promain are the leading UK distributors for Patio Jointing Sand and Patio Sealers. We offer an advanced range of products where we can specify an appropriate product for you, should you require assistance. For many years now, Promain have been providing help, in the form of patio jointing products, to people all over the UK, where we have made a big deal out of helping people restore their patios. Within our range you will find patio jointing products from big brand names such as Sika, Everbuild, and Anglo.

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If you are looking for patio jointing products then you have come to the right place. Promain only ever supply products which are tried and tested, and ones which we would happily use ourselves. Sika Setting Sand, Everbuild Geo-Fix and Anglo Pavsell are among the best candidates which we would gladly recommend to anyone looking to refurbish or restore their won out patio.

Our technical support team offers a high degree of expertise when it comes to restoring patios, and can give you all the information you need to get the job done properly. By contacting us today, we can speak to you about your needs for patio jointing sand and sealers, and offer advice as to which product would be best suited to your needs. Contact us today on: 01462 421 333