The Restoration Man and his Patio

We recently received a call from a customer who has called Promain previously for technical advice.  On this occasion he was looking to renovate his patio.  The patio suffers from green moss growth due to it being in the shade for part of the day.  It also suffers from tree and shrub sap plus debris from not only plants, but also bird droppings from the wild birds that he lovingly feeds on his bird table. His dilemma was discussed and a solution was offered.

Where To Begin

Firstly clean the patio with a jet wash than apply Centrecoat GS36 a water based fungicidal wash that can be applied ideally by a backpack garden sprayer but is also equally effective if applied by a watering can with a fine hose rather than pouring onto the surface and worked in with a brush. Centrecoat GS36 contains a biocide that is extremely effective at killing spores and destroys mould or fungi making it ideal for application to exterior and interior areas such as Paths, Roof Tiles, Patios, Tennis Courts, Driveways, Roofs, Bathroom or Kitchen Ceilings, etc. GS36 sterilising solution will kill off any green growth, plant and vegetation as well as spoors that have remained wedged in the cracks between the paving slabs. For the most effective results allow to dry, do not rinse off this will achieve the optimum result.

Patio before cleaning with Centrecoat GS36
Patio before renovation


Following the successful application of the GS36 fungicidal sterilising wash the client turned his attentions to the pointing between the slabs. There were a couple of products that sprung to mind for this application these were the Sika Setting Sand and the Geofix Paving Jointing Compound. Sika Setting Sand has been formulated as a narrow joint filler.  Based on a mixture of a clear resin and a fine dry sand, it is simply brushed into the joints between paving slabs.  Next simply sprinkle water from a watering can with a fine rose over the joints and allow to set. Ideal for narrow joints between 2 and 5 mm wide with a minimum depth of 25 mm the Sika Setting Sand offers a permanent solution stopping weeds and moss from growing in the joints of block paving and paving slabs.

The result is perfect pointing that will not shrink, wash out or even crack over time.  It is suitable for all types of paving and block paving. The other product that was offered was the Everbuild Geofix Paving Jointing Compound.  This is a unique ready to use self curing jointing material. Geofix is formulated from a cement free sand mixture that has been carefully blended with a Polybutadiene bonding agent. It produces an easy to use powdered sand that is non staining. It sets hard and will not crack or wash out making it resistant to weed and plant growth.

Other benefits are Geofix is water permeable, allows water to escape and also unaffected by frost. Simply brush into all types of paving including natural stone, concrete, slate, clay, terracotta and granite. Suitable for footpaths, out door patio areas, indoor stone floor areas, pedestrian areas and driveways. You can also use Geofix in areas subject to light vehicle traffic.


Following the cleaning and re-pointing of the paving slabs we recommend application of Centrecoat Imprinted Concrete Block Paving Restorer Sealer to protect the slabs.  This again is a single component coating that is solvent based. It is suitable for restoring and sealing for imprinted concrete, block paving, flags and paving slabs used on patios and driveways. On block paving it also helps prevent efflorescence. It also stabilizes sand joints making them far more resistant to weed growth. Centrecoat Super Sealer offers an excellent balance between performance and cost.

Patio sealer and refurbisher from Centrecoat
Refurbished Patio

Centrecoat Imprinted Concrete Restorer Sealer provides an easy to apply coating. You can quickly apply it using a double arm paint roller and paint brush. It will provide a quick drying driveway or patio paint with a glossy finish. The coating prevents staining, is 100% UV resistant and helps to protect the surface against the potential for colour fading. It will produce a high build coating in one or two coats. It offers high solids content without the need for fillers, thickeners or extenders. Apply the sealer using a brush, medium roller or a high pressure sprayer. We think the results speak for themselves.

Are you looking to renovate your block paving or concrete paving slabs within your path, drive or patio? Please have a conversation with the tech guys at Promain: 01462 421333

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