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Promain are proud to supply high quality Wooden Floor Oils, Varnishes, Stains and Waxes from leading brands such as Osmo, Treatex, Coo-Var and Blackfriar for a variety of timber and oak floorings. We have been in the timber wood stain and paint industry for many years and over our time we have researched the very best painting products which deliver fantastic long lasting results time and time again. 

Should you be looking for the best timber wood stain or oil for your oak flooringhardwood floors or even decking our team have the skills to match the most appropriate product to your project. All you need to do is have a browse through out product range and see if you can find the product that is right for you. If you can't find what you're looking for then one of our friendly staff will point you in the right direction of an appropriate wooden floor stainhardwood floor oil or oil for oak flooring.

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  1. Osmo Polyx® Oil Tints
    Osmo Polyx® Oil Tints

    Easy to apply provides individual creativity on wooden floors and furniture.

    From £85.57 £71.31
  2. Centrecoat R25 Wood Protector
    Centrecoat R25 Wood Protector

    A high performance protection product for both untreated and restored internal and external wood.

    From £18.78 £15.65
  3. Osmo Polyx® Oil Rapid
    Osmo Polyx® Oil Rapid

    A fast drying clear hard wax oil for oak and other wooden floors.

    From £30.40 £25.33
  4. Osmo Wood Oil Stain
    Osmo Wood Oil Stain

    Transparent or intensively coloured primer for all wooden floors and furniture.

    From £99.71 £83.09
  5. Osmo Polyx® Oil Effect
    Osmo Polyx® Oil Effect

    Designed for dark wood species to highlight the grain with modern colour highlighting such as gold and silver.

    From £53.51 £44.59
  6. Osmo Polyx® Oil Original
    Osmo Polyx® Oil Original

    Provides the most hardwearing and durable protection for wooden flooring and furniture.

    From £27.67 £23.06
  7. Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints
    Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints

    Allows for an even colouring and a harmonic, smooth surface result on interior woods.

    From £24.89 £20.74
  8. Osmo Interior Wax
    Osmo Interior Wax

    A quick drying, white interior wood finish.

    From £24.49 £20.41
  9. Osmo Polyx® Oil Express
    Osmo Polyx® Oil Express

    The fastest ever drying wooden flooring protector from Osmo. Dries within 1-2 hours when used with Osmo Hardener 6632 or 3-4 hours without.

    From £30.43 £25.36
  10. Lacq Rapidoil 2C
    Lacq Rapidoil 2C

    A two pack protective coloured coating for internal wooden flooring, furniture and other wooden surfaces. Protects in a single coat.

    From £68.18 £56.82
  11. Osmo Maintenance Oil
    Osmo Maintenance Oil

    Specially developed for the most demanding wooden floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil.

    From £28.60 £23.83
  12. Osmo Spray Wax
    Osmo Spray Wax

    A sprayable version of the renowned Osmo Polyx-Oil, with a high quality, durable, microporous oil and wax combination.

    From £69.40 £57.83
  13. Teknos Helo 15 / 40 / 90
    Teknos Helo 15 / 40 / 90

    A single pack, solvent based special varnish suitable for interior and exterior woodwork.

    From £11.89 £9.91
  14. Coo-Var W462 Acrylic Varnish
    Coo-Var W462 Acrylic Varnish

    A water based clear varnish for wood, offering an ideal alternative to solvent based products.

    From £34.50 £28.75
  15. Teknos Helo Aqua 20 / 40 / 80
    Teknos Helo Aqua 20 / 40 / 80

    A single pack, polyurethane, water-borne special varnish based on polyurethane dispersion.

    From £19.01 £15.84
  16. Rustoleum Chalky Floor Paint
    Rustoleum Chalky Floor Paint

    An easy to use water-based, durable floor paint for interior use.

    From £34.13 £28.44

26 Items

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We have a large range of timber cleaners and accessories including the industry leading Osmo Polyx Oil maintenance kits designed to keep your wooden floor looking as if new for many years. Our range of oils and floor paints from Osmo need very little introduction as they are one of the leading brands in timber flooring oils however we thought it only right to mention why we believe them to be the best Wooden Floor Oils, Varnishes, Stains and Waxes for you.

  • High quality clear finishes available
  • Professional finish for all wooden floors
  • Available in satin or matt finishes 
  • Easy to apply
  • Attractive finish that is hard wearing against water and dirt.

If you're stuck choosing the right product for use on your wooden floor then pick up the phone and give us a ring. We will be more than happy to help you.

Wood Stains

Should you be looking for wood stains, look no further, at Promain we offer a range of high quality timber and wood stains and aim to supply products from only the best brands available on the market. Our range of timber stains include products such as wooden floor oils, varnishes, stains and waxes. What’s more is our timber wood stains come from manufacturers such as Blackfriar, Osmo, Coo-Var and Treatex and are suitable for a range of oak, wood and timber floorings. We are known for being a leader in the timber and wood stain paint industry and for a number of years we have provided only the best products. When you choose Promain for your wood and timber stains, you can trust that you’ll receive great products that are durable and will last in the years to come.

Timber Stains

When in need of timber stains, look no further, at Promain we offer a large range of wood stains and oils for all wooden flooring including oak, hardwood floor and decking. What’s more is, at Promain we are home to a highly technical team who have a wealth of skills and knowledge when it comes to wood and timber stains. Simply browse our extensive range of products today and you’re bound to find a wood or timber stain that is right for you. Should you be unsure of what you need or what you should be looking for, don’t worry, give the team at Promain a call today, one of our technical experts will be able to help you find an appropriate timber or wood stain. Make sure that you call today.

Wood Floor Stains

The wood floor stains that we offer here at Promain will offer a durable and tough finish to a range of timber and wood surfaces, ensuring that the stain lasts for a number of years. At Promain we are experts when it comes to wood and timber stains and supply a range of stains that are suitable for different surfaces and applications. From domestic to commercial applications, the timber stains that we stock come in a range of colours and are perfect for many different surfaces, for more information on the products that we offer, view our range of timber and wood stains online today.

The timber floor stains that we supply are all hard wearing and of the best quality, the selection that we offer has been picked based on top of the range wood stain manufacturers and their products. The collection that we stock aims to be durable and also cost effective, this is to make sure that our clients receive efficient timber and wood stain products. When looking for the ‘best timber and wood stains’, make sure that Promain is your first port of call.

Best Timber Stain

When you’re in need of timber stains, at Promain the products that we supply are perfect for a range of timber and wood surfaces, what’s more is our collection also includes products to suit both commercial and domestic uses. So whatever your requirements at Promain we are fully stocked up with wood and timber stains, what’s more is we also offer a fast delivery service. If you are unsure of the exact timber or wood floor stain that you need, don’t worry, this is where Promain’s experts come in, we can always be on hand to answer any queries that you may have regarding timber and wood stains.

Wood and Timber Stain Colours

We supply a large range of wood and timber stains that come in many colours and shades, there are so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect wood stain colour. The timber stain that we supply comes in a range of colours to ensure that you can create and achieve the wood staining you require. At Promain we are known for being a leading stockist of wood and timber stains and we aim to provide a large range of products in many colours and shades. The wood and timber stains that we stock have all been manufactured to make sure that you receive a freshly stained surface that looks great.

For Wood Stains, Contact Promain Today

Should you need wood stains or timber stains, then make sure you take a look at the extensive range and high quality staining products that are available at Promain. Should you need any help or advice referring to our range of wood and timber stains then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as the team will be more than happy to help.


How to apply wood flooring stain?

When it comes to wood and timber stains, the process to get the best results is to sand, apply a wet coat and then wipe off the excess solution before it dries. There are a range of tools that can be used to apply the wood stain and they all work well, from brushes, rollers, paint, pads or spray guns. It is essential that you remember to wipe off all of the excess stain solution before it dries, if you do let the stain dry before wiping off the leftover, you’ll get blotching marks that will look uneven. For more information on applying wood and timber stains, please get in touch with Promain’s technical team today.

What is wooden floors stain?

Wood stain includes a range of colourants that are dissolved in solvent, its a semi-transparent coating that will offer colour but also allows any timber features such as colours and grain effects, to remain visible and will also enhance them, wood stain can be tinted to non-wood shades and will usually be used in timber shades to provide a more natural look. Wood and timber stains are weather resistant and more flexible than paint so will perform better than external varnishes.

Can you stain wood to be lighter?

Yes, dark wood can be lightened with stains and these will provide a light-dark effect, while lightning isn’t usually recommended for finding woods due to the colour as it will cover the natural grain of the wood, there are some ways it can be carried out effectively. Lightning wood stains will work better on open grained wood and the effect of a lighter colour will be produced when the grain is filled with a light or white pigment. Should you have any questions or queries regarding wood and timber stains, simply get in touch with the team at Promain today.

How long does wood stain last?

This will all depend on the type of wood stain that you use as well as the way that you apply it, when provided correctly, exterior wood stains can last anywhere from 2 to 20 years and this will all depend on the type of stain. One of the most important factors of how long a timber or wood stain will last for tends to be how well the surface is prepared before the stain is applied, this includes sanding and the amount of coats you require. At Promain, when it comes to the wood stains that we provide, we specialise in providing only the best timber and wood stains available on the market.

Why should I choose Promain for timber and wood stains?

When you need timber and wood stains, simply get in touch with the team at Promain today, we are known for being the UK’s leading supplier of timber and wood stains and what’s more is, we are home to a highly experienced team who all specialise in timber and wood stains. Whatever your needs, from timber stains to wood stains, we can help. Should you have any questions or require any more information regarding the timber and wood stains that we stock, please get in touch with Promain today.