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Promain are the UK's leading paint supplier, offering a vast range of adhesive primer aerosols, which are suitable for application to a variety of surfaces including steel and plastic. If you are looking for primer aerosols or adhesive primers then you have come to the right place. 

Primers are a great way to prepare surfaces prior to the application of topcoats and protective coatings. If you need a primer which is easy to apply and convenient to store then make sure you browse through our selection of adhesive primers and primer aerosols that can be found below. If you need help choosing a product that is suitable for you, please be sure to contact us.

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  1. Rustoleum CombiPrimer Anti-Rust Primer 3369 / 3380
    Rustoleum CombiPrimer Anti-Rust Primer 3369 / 3380

    A fast drying base coat which protects steel surfaces against rust corrosion.

    From £8.89 £7.41
  2. Rustoleum Hard Hat 2169 2182 Anti Rust Primers
    Rustoleum Hard Hat 2169 2182 Anti Rust Primers

    Anti Rust Aerosol Primers based on short oil soya alkyds. Formulated for use on small areas or as a touch up.

    From £64.88 £54.07

4 Items

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Primer is a substance that is used as preparatory on materials such as wood, metal or canvas, it is designed to ensure that these materials don’t absorb subsequent layers that may be added such as paint. Primer is also a great way of preventing the rusting of metals.

Promain supply adhesive primers which, once dry, create an incredible bond between the surface and the coating allowing subsequent coatings to adhere stronger than they would if no primer was used. We supply adhesive primers in aerosol spray form so that the application process is much simpler.

If you are looking for primer aerosol spray or adhesive primer aerosol then make sure that you take a look at the range we supply. Contact our technical support team if you aren't sure which product is right for you.