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Products such as the Centrecoat Color Flex or Mapei Elastocolor are suitable for application to Residential Park Homes constructed from Resitex. These high crack bridging, anti carbonation, water repellent paint coatings will offer up to 15 years of protection against the elements even in coastal areas. Centrecoat Color Flex is part of the Centrecoat Colorflex Render System has been specially developed in association with Remmers. This new thin roller applied render has been specialy developed for the application and protection of Park Homes, Static Homes, Mobile Units and other portable and temporary buildings. Suitable for application to lodges and homes constructed from OSB and MgO board such as Magply.

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  1. Remmers Color Flex Fill
    Remmers Color Flex Fill

    A highly elastic primer with good filling properties. Part of the Remmers Colorflex Render System for Park Homes.

    From £201.60 £168.00
  2. Rustoleum Murfill Renovation Paint
    Rustoleum Murfill Renovation Paint

    Murfill Renovation Paint is 400% Elastomeric, Bridges gaps up to 2 mm. 100% waterproof, washable and micro-porous.

    From £65.76 £54.80
  3. Mapei Mapetherm Flex RP, 20 Kg
    Mapei Mapetherm Flex RP, 20 Kg

    A cement free, fibre-reinforced, lightweight, elastic, skimming paste and base coat. Resistant to biological agents for internal and external use.

    From £122.12 £101.77
  4. Remmers Color Flex
    Remmers Color Flex

    A high crack bridging, anti carbonation, water repellent masonry paint for walls and Park Homes.

    From £201.60 £168.00
  5. Mapei Elastocolor Pittura Paint
    Mapei Elastocolor Pittura Paint

    Used to protect the surfaces of concrete and cement renders from aggressive agents present in the atmosphere.

    From £227.48 £189.57
  6. Glixtone AC1 High Performance Masonry Paint
    Glixtone AC1 High Performance Masonry Paint

    30 year life expectancy and exceptional level of protection from the elements in coastal locations.

    From £82.80 £69.00
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