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Antifouling Boat Paint

Applying an antifouling paint will prevent the attachment of fouling organisms, such as barnacles, weeds and slime, to the hull of your boat – a fouled hull can cause serious problems such as drag which reduces speed, increases fuel consumption and pollution, instability due to uneven fouling and damage and corrosion to the hull.

Anti-fouling paints work by delivering a controlled, steady release of biocide (such as copper) from the paint surface into the microscopic layer of water next to the hull. It is this layer of biocide that stops the fouling from settling.


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  1. Teamac Antifouling D Plus
    Teamac Antifouling D Plus

    Anti-fouling for boats up to 20-25 knots for boats, with steel, wood, or GRP hulls.

    From £108.96 £90.80
  2. Teamac C259 Protector II Antifouling
    Teamac C259 Protector II Antifouling

    A cruiser grade ablative antifouling paint suitable for vessels with a maximum speed of 25-30 knots.

    From £70.45 £58.71
  3. Teamac Boot-Topping Paint
    Teamac Boot-Topping Paint

    A tough, durable and flexible boot topping paint, ideal for application to boat hulls between the waterline and the load line of the vessel.

    From £24.74 £20.62
  4. Teamac Antifouling A Plus Formerly Antifouling A for Aluminium
    Teamac Antifouling A Plus Formerly Antifouling A for Aluminium

    Teamac Antifouling A Plus for Aluminium, wood, GRP and steel hulled boats suitable for domestic and commercial vessels up to 30 knots.

    From £49.84 £41.53
  5. Jotun Mare Nostrum SP
    Jotun Mare Nostrum SP

    Very good fouling coating that assures a totally active surface continuously renewed providing a clean hull for the whole season.

    From £106.86 £89.05
  6. Jotun Safeguard Universal ES
    Jotun Safeguard Universal ES

    A two component polyamide cured vinyl epoxy based coating that is specially designed as a tie coat between epoxy primers and anti-fouling systems.

    From £197.10 £164.25
  7. Jotun Vinyguard Silvergrey 88
    Jotun Vinyguard Silvergrey 88

    A one component physically drying, fast drying vinyl coating that can be used as primer or mid coat in atmospheric and immersed environments.

    From £49.14 £40.95
  8. PPG Sigma Ecofleet 530
    PPG Sigma Ecofleet 530

    A high activity TBT-free self-polishing antifouling, Complies with IMO Antifouling Systems Convention.

    From £753.49 £627.91
  9. International Intersleek 1100SR
    International Intersleek 1100SR

    Biocide-free and designed for application onto the underwater hull.

    From £1,558.80 £1,299.00
  10. Carboline Carboguard 890 GF
    Carboline Carboguard 890 GF

    A glass reinforced chemically resistant epoxy coating with wide versatility in all industrial markets.

    From £105.00 £87.50

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