LUL APR Roof Protection

Roof paints that are suitable for overcoating existing roof felt making a seamless membrane that stops flat roofs from further leaking. These roof coatings can be used to provide 10, 15 and 20 year manufatures guarantees, Suitable for buildings owned by Network Rail and London Underground.

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  1. Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva Primer
    Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva Primer

    A quick drying water-based single pack anti corrosive primer for interior and exterior surfaces. LUL Approval No.2447.

    From £88.85 £74.04
  2. KEIM Concretal-Lasur
    KEIM Concretal-Lasur

    A sol-silicate one-component paint for translucent or opaque thin layer coatings. Especially economical, preventive concrete protection.

    From £173.70 £144.75
  3. FLAG Roofix 20/10 Roof Repair
    FLAG Roofix 20/10 Roof Repair

    Roofix 20/10 Stops roofs leaking for 10 years, a fibre reinforced roofing paint with excellent flexibility and durability. Designed to last over 10 ye...

    From £51.60 £43.00
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