Food Safe Coatings

About Food Safe Coatings

Food Grade Paints And Coatings For Food & Phamaceutical Industry Use

If you are looking for wall or floor coatings suitable for use in the food industry, Promain have a comprehensive selection of paints and coatings for your requirements. Food grade paints are formulated for clients looking to paint within restuarants, cafes, hotels, kitchens, breweries, distilleries, food production plants, beverage factorys, abattoirs, fish markets, dairy products, bakeries etc. Food safe paints are also suitable for use within the pharmaceutical industries.
Benefits of food safe paint are resistance to grease, oils, high temperatures and industrial chemical cleaners. These products have high durability, protecting substrates such as tiles, walls and ceilings against animal fats, detergents, water, and brine allowing for daily cleaning and scrubbing.

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  1. Mapei Mapecoat I 24
    Mapei Mapecoat I 24

    Two-component epoxy paint for anti-acid coating of concrete surfaces.

    From £120.54 £100.45
  2. Osmo Top Oil for Wood Worktops
    Osmo Top Oil for Wood Worktops

    Food safe wood oil protection for desks, worktops, shelving etc.

    From £22.62 £18.85
  3. Carboline Phenoline 187 VOC
    Carboline Phenoline 187 VOC

    A high solids epoxy tank lining with exceptional chemical resistance. Formulated primarily as a tank lining.

    From £253.26 £211.05

8 Items

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