Aluminium and uPVC Paint

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  1. Selemix Direct Polyurethane Topcoat
    Selemix Direct Polyurethane Topcoat

    A solvent based 2 pack PU applied without a primer to glass splash backs, plant, agricultural equipment, plastics etc.

    From £41.65 £34.71
  2. Owatrol Polytrol Restores Faded Plastic - GRP
    Owatrol Polytrol Restores Faded Plastic - GRP

    Best used for revitalising the colour and appearance of tarnished and dulled plastics and fibreglass.

    From £16.72 £13.93
  3. Teknos Teknodur Aqua 3393
    Teknos Teknodur Aqua 3393

    A water borne two pack polyurethane topcoat, suitable for application to various composite materials and certain plastics.

    From £69.70 £58.08
  4. Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint
    Owatrol Deco Multi-Surface Paint

    An oil-based multi-surface paint suitable for all surfaces and a rust inhibiting primer all in one.

    From £24.95 £20.79
  5. Bedec MSP Multi Surface Paint
    Bedec MSP Multi Surface Paint

    A quick drying and versatile, non-yellowing water based paint, available in a wide range of colours and a choice of finishes.

    From £23.35 £19.46
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