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Promain supply a vast range of driveway and patio paints which are perfect for ensuring that your driveway, patios and paths look their best at all times, whether that is through the use of high pressure jet washers and other cleaning machines along with degreasers, cleaners, fungicidal washes and oil and stain removers. With these fantastic products you can ensure that all outdoor areas of your home look clean and pristine thanks to our excellent range of cleaning materials that we have available that are suitable for driveways and patios. We also have a great range of paints and sealers that come in both clear and several other colours that can be used on surfaces such as tarmac, bitumen, asphalt, acrylic and block paving we also supply pot hole and patch repair material for use on driveways and paths that are in need of repair.

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High Quality Driveway Paint

Unpainted concrete is a drab gray color, looking unappealing and boring, but it’s easy to spruce it up a bit for a more exciting finish. In order to do that, you’re going to want to use the best concrete paint you can get hold of to paint your concrete, whether you’re looking to paint an indoor concrete wall or an outdoor concrete floor, Promain Paints have something to suit your needs.

Driveway Paint UK

At Promain, we are home to a large selection of driveway and patio paints, including a range of sealers and sealants that can be used on a variety of different surfaces. We aim to make sure that we have driveway paints that are suitable for all of our customers and their needs as well as being suitable for use in a range of different exterior and outdoor environments. We supply a range of driveway sealers to customers across the UK and our driveway and patio paint products are all sourced to the highest standards. What's more, is we only provide industry-leading products, so you can trust that you’ve come to the right place for driveway and patio paint when you choose Promain. As experts in sealants and paint, our driveway and patio paint products can help to renovate your exterior space so what are you waiting for, use our range of products, to help transform your property today.

Top Tips on Painting your Driveway

Everyone wants the front of their house to look good, but sometimes it’s not as simple to do as the interior of your house meaning the exterior can often be neglected. These mistakes may not seem important to some people, but when considering that the front of the house is the first thing that a buyer will see, it’s a small issue to think about. There are some things that you’ll need to know if you want to do the job properly and achieve the maximum effect. Most of them are quite easy and don’t need any professional skills, so there’s no excuse for not doing them! Here’s what you need to do to achieve your freshly painted driveway.

  • Prep The Surface - Before you apply a fresh coat of paint, make sure that the surface is clean, using either a leaf blower, a broom or a brush. Once you’ve removed all of the surface dirt from the driveway, give it a good wash using a pressure washer. If some stains remain, apply a degreaser and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Once the driveway is completely dry, inspect it for cracks before painting it. Ideally you need dry weather and preferably a couple of warm days. Needless to say it would be very unwise to pick a day when rain or snow is expected.
  • Dealing With Cracks - It is quite common for many driveways to not have been repaired for some time, which means there are likely to be some dents, chips or cracks. You need to remove any small pieces from holes, which you might need a hammer for. Once you’ve done this use a wire brush to crack the surface before switching on the leaf blower again.
  • Repairing Cracks - If a crack is small then you can use a concrete repair caulk, fill the hole and smooth the caulk. On the other hand, a bigger hole should be filled with a premixed mortar, once the surface is dry, make sure that it is smooth and level.
  • Finally – Painting Time - Follow the instructions for preparing and applying the selected epoxy paint. We suggest you use a nap roller to distribute the first coat thinly and evenly across small sections of the surface. Make sure the section edges overlap, so that you get a seamless paint coat.

Why Choose Promain Paints for Driveway and Patio Paints and Sealers?

These high quality driveway, patio and cycle lane paints, sealers and coatings are only the very best products that are available on the market and we also have hard wearing resin bonds which can be used to completely transform your driveways and paths. We can also supply our customers with a fantastic range of special coatings in a variety of different colours that can be used on cycle paths and parking bays which therefore supplies you with a cost effective, colourful and vibrant anti slip surface which therefore complies with health and safety regulations. Make sure that you take a look at the fantastic and extensive range of products that are suitable for use on driveways, patios and cycle paths. Promain offers a wide range of products suitable for both commercial and domestic use. We supply sealers and coatings, suitable to be used by a driveway company or by people who want to do the work themselves. Whether you're a company that specialises in driveways or you're someone that wants to seal and protect your exterior surfaces, you'll find a range of professional products suitable for driveways, patios, cycle paths and more.

For Driveway and Patio Paints and Sealers, Contact Promain Paints Today

Promain aim to provide our customers with products that are suitable for their needs, but if you are unsure about which product would be best for you then don’t hesitate to give us a call as we would be more than happy to answer any questions about any of our driveway and patio paints and to help make sure you get the product that would be most suitable for your requirements.


Can you paint an asphalt driveway?

As asphalt is oil based, it tends to not be the best suited for paint, so it is essential that you use a specialist paint that has been created especially for asphalt driveways. We recommend that you use acrylic paint, coal tar paint, oil based paint or water latex paint. They are types of polymer based and water soluble paint, they will prevent your lines from lifting off the asphalt. We recommend that you follow a strict application process when it comes to painting your asphalt driveway, this will include cleaning and preparing the surface and is to stop chipping and peeling as well as ensure the best results when painting your asphalt driveway.

How long does driveway paint last?

This will depend on a number of factors including the type of driveway that you are painting, the type of paint you use, as well as the weather and driveway traffic. At Promain, when it comes to needing driveway paints then make sure you take a look at the great range that we stock, all of our driveway paints have been sourced from only the very best manufacturers in the industry and we ensure that our customers get only the best products to ensure a long lasting driveway. If you have any questions about our products and their durability or you are unsure which product would be best for you then please don’t hesitate to give us a call as one of our team would be more than happy to discuss our products with you and to advise you on the best products for your requirements.

How long before you can drive on a driveway sealer?

Again this will all depend on a range of factors including the type of driveway that you are sealing, the type of sealer that you use, as well as the weather and driveway traffic. We recommend that depending on the temperature and humidity of the air, you should keep vehicles off your new surface around 48 hours to 72 hours and you can walk on your driveway after 24 hours of it being sealed. When walking across a fresh coat of driveway sealer, we advise that you check the bottom of your shoes, or remove your shoes before re entering your property.

What type of driveway sealer should I use?

This all depends on the type of driveway that you have installed, as well as your requirements from using a driveway sealer. Driveway sealers are essential when it comes to the protection of asphalt, brick, or concrete, whatever material your driveway uses. There are a range of driveway sealers available, all which come with a number if benefits, so depending on the condition of your driveway and the type of protection that you require, some of the available sealer products include cold tar sealer, asphalt sealer, acrylic sealer, water based sealer, oil based sealer, crack filler sealer and epoxy sealers. For more information, or should you have any questions regarding using the right driveway sealer, please contact the Promain technical team today.

How long does driveway sealer last?

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to how long your driveway sealer will last and how often you should reseal your driveway. This includes the amount of traffic and exposure to elements including sunshine and harsher weather conditions. Some will wait around 10 years before resealing their driveway, but some will use driveway sealers and coatings once a year. As experts, we advise that you don’t wait too long to reseal your driveway as it may result in a much bigger sealing process, but we also recommend that you don’t seal your driveway too frequently as this can cause peeling, flaking or cracking. Most industry standard sealers advise sealing your driveway every two years. Should you be unsure of how often to reseal your driveway, or how long your new driveway sealer is going to last, feel free to contact Promain for more information today.

Can you paint a patio?

Yes you can, patios are made from durable materials that over time can look drab and out of place. Should you have a patio that looks worn, don’t worry, at Promain we provide a range of patio paints and as long as you follow our guidance, there’s no reason why your patio won’t end up looking in tip top condition. When it comes to painting your patio, we advise that you consider the type of patio that you have and carefully consider the paint that you are going to use to refresh it.

Is it better to paint or stain a patio?

Finding your newly installed patio or refreshing an older one will help to protect it from a range of moisture and weather related damage, helping to prolong its lifespan. While there is a range of patio products out there, both staining and painting will provide you with different appearances, applications, durability, maintenance and cost. Stains tend to be more budget friendly, is easier to apply and will provide a natural finish. Paint comes in a larger variety of types and colours, it lasts longer and is much easier to maintain.

What is a patio sealer?

Patio sealer provides protection for a range of concrete and natural stone surfaces, they are also great for weed prevention and stop the spread of green algae, mould and mildew. Patio sealers are great for use on a range of patio materials and help to protect the surface, improving its durability and ensuring that the patio is looking its best.

What does a patio sealer do?

Patio sealer aims to make them resistant to stains that can occur from spilled materials, oils and dirt. Patio sealer products can also resist UV rays and can help pavers to retain their natural colour for longer. Sealers come in a range of styles and colours including matte and gloss, gloss paving sealers are popular as they provide the patio with a ‘wet look’, helping the natural colour of the pavement to seem more vibrant. The darker the paver, the more pronounced the colour will be after applying a glossy sealer. Joint stabalising sealers are also available and come with the advantage of preventing weeds from growing in between the patio. As the sealer will soak into the joints, it hardens the sand and provides resistance from rain, wind and insects.

How long does patio sealer take to dry?

This will depend on the type of patio you have, the type of patio sealer that you are using, as well as the area's conditions. Overall we advise waiting for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours for the patio sealer to drive, however it's important to remember that this is the minimum and that ideally you will wait longer. We advise that you don't walk on your patio for a while and consider that the weather can also have an impact on how long it takes to dry. You can monitor the current temperature and use this to estimate the patios drying time, we recommend that you do not apply patio sealer at temperatures below 5 degrees and above 20 degrees as this can affect the finish and overall results.