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Promain have been supplying specialist paint strippers, artex removers and water based paint removers and maximum strength paint for many years.

There will no doubt come a time in everyones life be it at home or even on a commercial and industrial scale that you decide to give your property a facelift with a quick coat of paint. Preparing your surface is key to the success of the paint application however time and time again people do not strip the existing paint and simply paint over the top. Whether its a strong or thick type of paint, or its multiple layers of paint that you need to remove, our chemical paint strippers are a great choice.  

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  1. Rustoleum Hard Hat NR.1 Greener Paint Stripper
    Rustoleum Hard Hat NR.1 Greener Paint Stripper

    Paint Stripper for metal, wood and most mineral surfaces to remove oil paint quickly.

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