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Promain have seen an increase in questions relating to decking oil and wooden decking treatment over the past 10 years. "How do I get the best finish?" or "Which product would be best to protect my wooden decking?" are just a couple of the questions that we regularly get asked.

As wood is a natural material it expands and contracts with varying moisture content in the atmosphere, which means it can be quite difficult to find the perfect decking oil, stain or even paint. Thankfully for you, Promain are the UK's leading suppliers of Wood stains, Decking Oils, and Coloured Paint for Timber Decking, and with quality hardwearing products like Owatrol TextrolOsmo Anti-Slip OilBlackfriar Decking Stain, and of course Owatrol Aquadecks, there's no reason why you should look anywhere else when searching for Wood Stains or Decking Oil. 

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  1. Blackfriar Exterior Wood Protector Gold Star
    Blackfriar Exterior Wood Protector Gold Star

    Provides protection from weathering for both vertical & horizontal exterior wood.

    From £15.78 £13.15

  2. Owatrol Antislip (Antigliss)
    Owatrol Antislip (Antigliss)

    An easy to apply solvent based premixed coating that offers a slip-resistant finish for wooden steps, decking etc.

    From £133.21 £111.01

  3. Owatrol Textrol HES
    Owatrol Textrol HES

    A one coat, penetrating oil finish for softwoods and European hardwoods.

    From £51.36 £42.80

  4. Owatrol Aquadecks
    Owatrol Aquadecks

    For all Interior and Exterior Wood such as decking, garden furniture and cladding.

    From £38.96 £32.47

  5. Owatrol Textrol Penetrating Oil Finish
    Owatrol Textrol Penetrating Oil Finish

    Textrol protects soft and hardwoods against moisture and UV damage, Quick and easy to apply, will not crack, peel or flake.

    From £36.00 £30.00

  6. Centrecoat R25 Wood Protector
    Centrecoat R25 Wood Protector

    A high performance protection product for both untreated and restored internal and external wood.

    From £19.82 £16.52

  7. Owatrol Decking Paint
    Owatrol Decking Paint

    A water based decking paint offering a 5 year warranty, 15 Years on vertical cladding. For new, weathered and previously treated wood.

    From £47.60 £39.67

12 Items

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