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Promain have seen an increase in questions relating to decking oil and wooden decking treatment over the past 10 years. "How do I get the best finish?" or "Which product would be best to protect my wooden decking?" are just a couple of the questions that we regularly get asked.

As wood is a natural material it expands and contracts with varying moisture content in the atmosphere, which means it can be quite difficult to find the perfect decking oil, stain or even paint. Thankfully for you, Promain are the UK's leading suppliers of Wood stains, Decking Oils, and Coloured Paint for Timber Decking, and with quality hardwearing products like Owatrol TextrolOsmo Anti-Slip OilBlackfriar Decking Stain, and of course Owatrol Aquadecks, there's no reason why you should look anywhere else when searching for Wood Stains or Decking Oil. 

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  1. Owatrol Textrol Penetrating Oil Finish
    Owatrol Textrol Penetrating Oil Finish

    Textrol protects soft and hardwoods against moisture and UV damage, Quick and easy to apply, will not crack, peel or flake.

    From £29.84 £24.87
  2. Owatrol Aquadecks
    Owatrol Aquadecks

    For all Interior and Exterior Wood such as decking, garden furniture and cladding.

    From £35.17 £29.31
  3. Owatrol Decking Paint
    Owatrol Decking Paint

    A water based decking paint offering a 5 year warranty, 15 Years on vertical cladding. For new, weathered and previously treated wood.

    From £42.06 £35.05
  4. Owatrol Textrol HES
    Owatrol Textrol HES

    A one coat, penetrating oil finish for softwoods and European hardwoods.

    From £46.37 £38.64
  5. Owatrol Tropitech All in One
    Owatrol Tropitech All in One

    Waterborne coloured protecting finish for hardwood, softwoods, pressure-treated timber decking, docks and cladding.

    From £156.90 £130.75
  6. Owatrol Antislip (Antigliss)
    Owatrol Antislip (Antigliss)

    An easy to apply solvent based premixed coating that offers a slip-resistant finish for wooden steps, decking etc.

    From £120.26 £100.22
  7. Centrecoat R25 Wood Protector
    Centrecoat R25 Wood Protector

    A high performance protection product for both untreated and restored internal and external wood.

    From £18.78 £15.65

12 Items

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Buy Decking Oils and Stains Online

Decking paint is often seen as a twice seasonal product – firstly to restore, rejuvenate and add colourful protection to exterior decking at springtime, to last through busy summer footfall, and secondly during autumn, to protect, seal and treat any damage generated throughout the year before the chilly winter weather sets in. However, buying the right decking paint, treatment, stain or oil, will restore, rejuvenate and protect decking 365 days a year - and for many years to come. So, whether the decking project you are working on is purely a decorative exterior area - like in a stately garden, national park, or exterior hotel eatery - or it is a heavy footfall, seasonally busy pedestrianised area, such as those found at seaside resorts, amusement and theme parks, shopping centres and horse racing or other sports venues, Promain has the best deck oil and decking products for you.

Timber Decking Oils and Stains

Timber decking is also affected by the UV rays from the sun. This will dry out the timber and it splits, cracks and warps, again causing some issues in relation to choosing the best decking oil or paint to suit your aesthetic request. 

Promain recommend the use of Owatrol Seasonite as this will help the timber, including pressurised timber, to stabilise giving the best all year round result. It will also reduce the amount of moisture your wooden decking absorbs. 

From these a range of Osmo or Owatrol, Blackfriar or Guard Industries products can be applied to enhance the natural colour or stain to a new colour giving you complete control over the appearance of your wooden decking paint colour and finish. Owatrol even offer a Solid Colour Woodstain with 53 colours, such as blue, white, brown, mulberry and many more. Please see our demonstration videos or give us a call for a completely impartial step by step walkthrough on how best to treat your wooden decking and which product will achieve your desired look by using any of our wood stains, decking oil or coloured decking paint.

Decking Oil or Stain

Many people want to keep the natural look of decking wood, and in this situation, we do not recommend decking paint, which does allow for more colour variation, sealing of gaps and cracks, and a better repairing of weather damaged wood. Painted decking can be easier to clean than stained decking (other than white painted decking), and when cured correctly can add a ‘hard shell’ which is easier to brush down – dust, debris, water.

Decking paint is often a preferred choice due to many paints offering excellent waterproofing qualities, as well as UV protection, rot, mould and algae resistance, along with a wider variety of finishes. This does of course depend on the surrounding area – which if heavily built up with ‘brand’ colours, may be best suited with a matching decking paint.

One downside of decking paint is that once painted, it can be extremely difficult to then change to stain later. Essentially, once decking paint is applied, you’ll always be using decking paint. Paint can also be more slippery than decking oil and decking stain – not ideal for heavily pedestrianised areas, unless anti-slip paint is used.

Anti Slip Decking Stain

Picking the correct garden decking product at Promain can not only waterproof and protect decking from UV damage, but add an anti-slip finish too. This is ideal for pool-side decking, or exterior decking that needs to withstand summer downpours - for years to come. Blackfriars Anti-Slip Decking Coating is available as a clear finish, that will maintain and enhance the colour and grain of the underlying decking wood type, whether it is pine, oak, ash, cedar or larch. One of its main benefits is that it can be applied over previously treated or painted decking to simply add an 'invisible' anti-slip layer.

A good-quality deck oil and coating will have had slip tests done during the manufacture stage. These tests are universal and are done under laboratory conditions using a pendulum testing machine. The machine uses a rubber shoe which is attached to an arm that swings. It records the amount of distance the shoe moves across the surface in various wet and dry conditions. The shorter the distance, the higher the value of slip resistance.

The results are calculated under the title of PTV (Pendulum Test Value) and are rated as follows:

  • Low Slip Potential: +36
  • Moderate Slip Potential: 25-35
  • High Slip Potential: 0-24

This figure can be dramatically improved with anti-slip deck coatings, stains and additives supplied by Promain. Anti-Slip additives on a basic level are grit that is sprinkled on the first layer of paint to provide an abrasive surface and protection against weathering that is supplied in various grain densities. This can really help to prevent accidents to keep your family or business users safe whatever the application. The actual rating of the PTV cannot be guaranteed. This will depend on the type of application, coverage and the material it is applied upon.

Decking Oil Colours

For natural decking colours, we offer a wide range of wood finishes to completely transform, or simply enhance the wood type of the decking. From winter-esque shades, to neutral colours, and right up to bright finishes for the summer outdoor months, where decking areas are typically seen as centrepieces of gardens and outdoor hospitality areas. Suitable for patio decking, balcony floors, garden furniture and pergolas, it is one of the most popular decking coatings, decking cleaner and decking oil solutions in the UK.

Clear, colourless and translucent wood stains will help retain the natural look, feel and aesthetic of external decking – bringing out the rich wood tones, grain and even its knotting. Less slippery than its counterpart – paint – decking stain and anti-slip decking coatings can also look better over larger square feet areas.

Decking stain colours are also quite varied, with many treatments and products available at Promain allowed for visual versatility and flare. Please note that decking stain colours are heavily dependent on the wood it is being applied to – darker woods may not bring out the colour of the stain as seen on packaging. It is recommended for paints and stains to test an area of decking first to ensure that the finish is as required.

Wood stain does not fill in gaps and cracks like paint does, nor will it protect the wood as long. It does, however, deliver many characteristics that paint simply cannot.

Protecting Your Decking With Oils and Stains

When it comes to protecting your decking with stains or oils there are some factors to take into consideration. Firstly you will want to decide on what type of look you are wanting. Are you wanting a natural look or an opaque finish? Another thing to consider is what colour you want your deck to be. Most wood care products can be separated into two categories, saturating wood oils and film forming opaque finishes. Owatrol has many different options that you can form to create the best deck look for your backyard.

Saturating Wood Oils

Saturating wood oiling are used to protect the wood from the inside. The coats are applied wet-on-wet. This means that the wood is not given time to dry between coats. Instead, you will continue to apply the oil every 15 to 30 minutes until the wood has been completely saturated. Doing this will cause the wood to become too well guarded against any weather conditions. The formula will not create a film on the surface of the deck. This means that there is no risk of the finish starting to peel or flake off. Being saturated means that the wood will no longer be able to absorb up any moisture. Which in turn means that the deck is well protected from damage that could occur.

Opaque Wood Finish

The opaque wood finish works great for people who are looking for a colored finish, opaque, and even matte. You can apply this high-quality product in only 2 coats. It also requires very little maintenance. You will only need to do a top coat every few years.

There is a danger when it comes to picking out an opaque wood finish. Cheaper quality products can cause your deck to peel and flake. This could mean that you will have to make repairs every year before you apply this finish.

Preparing Your Garden Decking for Staining

If you have decided to refurbish your decking boards or decking area with a new paint colour or stain, preparation of the decking is key to obtaining a finish that lasts and gives the wood the protection and longevity you require. The first thing is to identify which type of material the decking boards are made from. Then you can find out what type of decking oil, paint, wood stain or varnish was used on the deck boards prior if any. If you are having any trouble determining which coating is on your deck boards please contact our technical team with a picture or two and they will do their best to help you ascertain the coating that has been applied.

You will then need to strip the decking Owatrol Prepdeck Stripper Cleaner is a product designed to remove semi-transparent stains, grade stamps such as FSC® prints, and other finishes from various types of wood used, for decking such as softwood, hardwood, Ipe, thermowood and pressure treated woods. With a working time of 15 – 30 minutes, this product almost instantly rejuvenates your deck boards bringing them back to their original bare wood with the minimum of work.

Lastly you need to rinse and if necessary neutralise, it’s important that after using a product to clean your decking, that if necessary depending on the product, a pH neutraliser is used, otherwise you risk the paint not adhering properly or damaging the deckboard surface. When using a product such as Owatrol Prepdeck this is vital. We recommend using Owatrol Net-trol to neutralise the timber then rinse with plenty of clean water.

Why Choose Promain for Decking Oil and Stain?

Our range of deck paints are second to none when it comes to quality, leaving you with an outstanding finish that will stand the test of time. Our deck paints are durable, wear and tear resistant, and are available in a range of colours to help you achieve your desired style. Our range of deck stains, paints and oiling will also help to nourish and protect, as well as are;

  • Very hard-wearing paints
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Paints with high chemical oils, natural oils and solvents resistant
  • Our floor paints dry at low temperatures

Please contact one of our technical paint professionals today at Promain as we strive to direct you to the perfect decking paint, stains, treatments and oils for your deck.

For Decking Oils and Stains, Shop Online with Promain

Whether you are looking for a deck stain, oil or paint, Promain offers a wide range of solutions to help you move forward. With a range of deck paint colours to choose from including non-slip decking paint. Call us today to speak to a member of our technical support team and we will gladly assist you moving forward.

If you have any queries, questions or would like any advice please contact our team. We have several experts on hand to answer any of your questions on deck oil. We have years of experience in the application and maintenance of decking paint so are more than adept to help. We can recommend types of paint, coverage, application tips and advice on maintaining or refurbishing your garage. Call us on; 01462 421 333.

Frequently Asked Questions About Decking Oil and Stains

What is the best decking oil or stain?

This really is a personal choice. Any of the above mentioned products will provide you with slip resistance, but do tend to be limited in colour choices. If you do have an antislip deck paint and want to keep the colour, but still need the reassurance of antislip, we recommend the use of either Safekote or Rustoleum 7100NS Anti-Slip floor coating, in clear, as a topcoat.

Where can I buy decking oil from?

Promain are approved distributors for many of the world’s leading paint and surface coatings manufacturers including Blackfriar, ProtectaKote, SafeKote, PPG, Osmo, Sherwin Williams and Owatrol. We have a vast range of quality antislip deck paint for sale, both with and without antislip coatings. If you are looking for an alternative to cheap deck paints and oils that do not contain any antislip features, Promain can help with various products to suit all budgets.

What is the difference between oil decking products and stains?

Deck paint will cover the deck with a complete film and will allow you many more colour choices. Deck stain on the other hand will give you a more natural look highlighting the grain of the wood to show through.

What is the best decking oil or stain?

Is deck paint or stain better? Well to be fair there are pros and cons to both options. Therefore you will need to ask yourself a few questions to help you get started:

Why am I painting the deck? Is it for repair & protection or to change the colour? Is the deck already covered with old deck paint or stain? Do I need to seal my deck? Is it a new untreated deck? Is this an existing weather beaten deck?

For more information on the best decking oil or stain then be sure to contact our technical team today, we will be more than happy to help.

Are deck oils and deck stains the same thing?

Essentially yes. Oils tend to be clear whereas stains are simply pigmented oils (oils with colour)!