About Owatrol

Promain are Authorised Partners and Distributors for Owatrol and work extremely closely with Owatrol UK. Owatrol have always been a forward thinking company and have recognised the need to look to the future. As a company, they have spent many years developing and testing new water based products in their state of the art research and development laboratory in Bondoufle France. Over the years, Owatrol have developed a great reputation for producing exceptional products and always strive to produce better paints and stains. Owatrol are renowned for being manufacturers of decorative and protective wooden coatings and have even managed to crack their way into the metal industry with a comprehensive selection of Owatrol Metal Coating products that can be found below.

Owatrol have formulated solvent based low VOC long lasting coatings and oils (many in excess of 10 years to first maintenance), to meet new and more stringent rules being introduced by the European Union.

At Promain, we are able to offer discounted prices on the Owatrol products, simply because we purchase this high end quality range of products in large quantities. Products such as Owatrol Oil, Textrol, Dilunet, CIP, Deks Olje D1 and D2, Net-trol, Seasonite, Floetrol, Aquadecks, Prepdeck, Decking Paint, H4 Wood, Antislip and many more including the Professional Range of Owatrol products.

Promain do our best to cater for you in every way possible and so we bring you products from industry leaders, like Owatrol. With years of experience in the manufacturing industry, Owatrol produce top of the range oils and coatings, using special ingredients. the truth is, there's not much special about the ingredients Owatrol use. However, the end result is always something to be admired as you restore you woods natural beauty, and spruce up your yachts. 

To read our full Owatrol paint review listings, view each individual product above. Please contact our technical support team for further details on how these impressive products can help you. You can do this by ringing 01462 421 333.