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With the increase in water based paints especially for application to timber such as doors, window frames, skirting’s etc. many people are finding that they do not achieve the smooth finish od an oil based gloss. This is caused by the water tension in the paint as water is thicker than oil it does not flow as easily. Owatrol have formulated Flowtrol a paint additive that helps break this water tension making it far easier to create that perfect finish. Other inventive products produced by Owatrol are Owatrol EB a bonding primer formulated to increase adhesion to chalky and lose paint surfaces, there is also Owatrol ESP this fabulous product aids adhesion of paint to smooth difficult surfaces such as glass, plastic, and melamine. All of these products and many more are available on the Promain web site.

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  1. Owatrol E-B Emulsa-Bond for Chalky Surfaces
    Owatrol E-B Emulsa-Bond for Chalky Surfaces

    Mix in Bond Primer for Chalky Surfaces Generally 20% less material is used than if the paint or stain had been applied without Owatrol E-B.

    From £33.66 £28.05
  2. Owatrol Floetrol Paint Additive
    Owatrol Floetrol Paint Additive

    Floetrol is an additive specially formulated for use with all water-based paints. Add to paint to reduce brush marks.

    From £22.02 £18.35
  3. Owatrol Polytrol Restores Faded Plastic - GRP
    Owatrol Polytrol Restores Faded Plastic - GRP

    Best used for revitalising the colour and appearance of tarnished and dulled plastics and fibreglass.

    From £16.72 £13.93
  4. Owatrol Teak Olje
    Owatrol Teak Olje

    Protects, enhances and nourishes the wood offering a natural rich matt finish, will not blacken due to UV rays.

    From £19.49 £16.24
  5. Owatrol Primall
    Owatrol Primall

    A fast drying primer, primarily for indoor use on a range of different substrates.

    From £35.23 £29.36
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