C5 Environments

C5 Environment systems are suitable for coastal and offshore areas with high salinity. Internally, C5 environments are buildings or areas with almost permenant condensation and high pollution.


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  1. Jotun Penguard Express ZP
    Jotun Penguard Express ZP

    A fast drying, two part amine cured epoxy zinc phosphate pigmented, high solids, high build product formulated for exposed structural steel.

    From £80.46 £67.05

  2. Jotun Hardtop AX
    Jotun Hardtop AX

    A two component chemically curing high gloss aliphatic acrylic polyurethane coating that offers resistance to UV degradation and good chemical resista...

    From £127.00 £105.83

  3. Jotun Penguard HB
    Jotun Penguard HB

    A two part polyamide cured, high molecular weight epoxy coating, designed as a high build, all purpose coating for new construction.

    From £60.66 £50.55

  4. Jotun Penguard HSP ZP
    Jotun Penguard HSP ZP

    A two component amine cured epoxy coating designed for new construction where short dry to handle and over coating times are required.

    From £173.66 £144.72

  5. Jotun Hardtop XP
    Jotun Hardtop XP

    A hard wearing top coat for use in aggressive atmospheric exposure. Network Rail approved. Highways Approved Item No 168

    From £84.42 £70.35

  6. PPG SigmaZinc 68 GP
    PPG SigmaZinc 68 GP

    A two component, high solids polyamine adduct cured zinc rich epoxy primer. Meets Norsok M-501 Rev. 6, System 1.

    From £308.40 £257.00

  7. Carboline Thermaline Heat Shield
    Carboline Thermaline Heat Shield

    An extreme performance pipeline coating for hot, cryogenic and cycling exposures.

    From £1,296.66 £1,080.55

  8. Sherwin Williams Envirolastic 2500
    Sherwin Williams Envirolastic 2500

    Suitable for use in a range of markets where durable performance and aesthetics are needed.

    From £396.36 £330.30

  9. Hempel Hempadur Speed-Dry ZP 500
    Hempel Hempadur Speed-Dry ZP 500

    A zinc phosphate 2 pack epoxy paint for use in corrosive environments within a Hempel coatings system.

    From £184.55 £153.79

  10. Hempel Hempaprime Multi 500 Winter
    Hempel Hempaprime Multi 500 Winter

    A hard wearing, long lasting priming barrier for use in severe corrosive environment systems.

    From £215.38 £179.48

  11. PPG SigmaDur 550
    PPG SigmaDur 550

    Formerly Amercoat 450E, Amercoat 450S. A two pack PU Gloss Finish for steel. Item No.168. M24(XM92).

    From £99.72 £83.10

  12. PPG SigmaDur 550 H
    PPG SigmaDur 550 H

    Formally PPG SigmaDur 568. A 2 Part High Solids, High Build Polyurethane Gloss Finish.

    From £96.60 £80.50

  13. Sherwin Williams Acrolon 7300 Acrylic Finish
    Sherwin Williams Acrolon 7300 Acrylic Finish

    A high solids, tin free, PU with fast drying and high gloss attributes for use where long term exterior gloss and colour retention is required.

    From £115.68 £96.40

  14. Selemix 7-410 / 7-412 Epoxy Topcoat
    Selemix 7-410 / 7-412 Epoxy Topcoat

    A 2 pack epoxy enamel which offers good gloss and a hard durable film to bare and sand blasted steel.

    From £129.47 £107.89

  15. Selemix 4-050x PUR 2 Pack Primer
    Selemix 4-050x PUR 2 Pack Primer

    A 2 pack primer offering excellent adhesion and protection properties for steel in the harshest of environments up to C5M-low.

    From £387.67 £323.06

  16. Sherwin Williams Fast Clad 7220
    Sherwin Williams Fast Clad 7220

    A multi-functional low temperature curing phenalkylated zinc phosphate coating for the protection of carbon steel.

    From £351.64 £293.03

  17. PPG SigmaShield 880
    PPG SigmaShield 880

    A two component high build polyamine adduct cured epoxy coating. Primarily designed for use in offshore splash zone maintenance.

    From £92.64 £77.20

  18. International Intergard 475HS
    International Intergard 475HS

    A low VOC, high solids, high build, two component epoxy coating.

    From £318.67 £265.56

  19. International Interfine 878
    International Interfine 878

    A tough, hard wearing finish coat for application over properly primed surfaces.

    From £1,290.38 £1,075.32

  20. International Interthane 990
    International Interthane 990

    A two component acrylic polyurethane finish giving excellent durability and long term recoatability.

    From £116.82 £97.35

  21. International Interzinc 52
    International Interzinc 52

    A two component, anti-corrosive metallic zinc rich epoxy primer.

    From £340.96 £284.13

  22. Sika SikaCor EG5
    Sika SikaCor EG5

    A 2-pack acrylic polyurethane ideally suited to all environments where both protective and decorative considerations are present.

    From £330.16 £275.13

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