PPG SigmaShield 880

Part A and B: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
A 2 pack high build polyamine adduct cured epoxy coating. For use in offshore splash zone maintenance.
Available in 4 and 20 Litres. Tintable to a limited range please call to check specific colours
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Product Description

PPG SigmaShield 880 is a two component, Surface tolerant high-build, polyamine adduct cured, epoxy coating.

This product was primarily designed for use in offshore splash zone maintenance, and therefore has excellent seawater and corrosion resistance, as well as also standing strong against abrasion. This high level of protection can be achieved from just one coat, and continues even when the protected area is fully immersed in water.

SigmaShield 880 is a rapid- immersion, abrasion-resistant, surface-tolerant, multi-purpose epoxy designed specifically for challenging environments. Although engineered for rapid immersion, SigmaShield 880 excels in a wide range of industries and applications from splash zone to fabrication, providing cost savings through efficient application and improved performance. Ideal for areas where optimal surface preparation is not possible and can be applied on damp/moist substrates so suitable when alternative methods of surface preparation are used such as hydro-jetting.

Best Uses

Sigma SigmaShield 880 is available in a number of different colours, such as yellow, black and grey. This product is suitable for use on both wet blast and ultra high pressure water cleaned substrates.


Sigma SigmaShield 880 can be applied through the use of a brush, roller or spray. The product will be dry to the touch after 3 hours. This product is available in 20 litre units, with a theoretical coverage rate of 4.4m2, per litre, at 200 microns.

Surface and Environment

Sigma SigmaShield 880 is suitable for use on both wet blast and ultra high pressure water cleaned substrates, rendering it an extremely versatile, and useful product to have on board. The coating will remain strong against corrosion, abrasion and sea water, even when immersed in water.

Technical Details

For application to the hull of steel boats and other vessels. The hull should firstly be blasted then a coat of 880 applied to the joints (tiger stripe). Then apply between 400 and 500 microns of SigmaShield 880. If an anti foul is required then apply to the SigmaShield a tie coat typically SigmaCover 555 at 100 microns followed  by Sigma Ecofleet 290 at 100-150 microns.


  • Network Rail System M27.4 (XM92) at 400 microns DFT
  • ISO 12944-6 Systems For Steel - C5-M Im 3 High at 300 microns DFT
  • Norsok M-501 System 4 (Pre Qualified)
  • Norsok M-501 System 7B (Pre Qualified)


  • Sigma SigmaShield 880 offers outstanding sea water resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Continues to cure when immersed in water
  • Long term protection in a single coat application
  • Resistant to well designed cathodic protection
  • Suitable on wet blast or ultra high pressure water (UHPWW) cleaned substrates (damp or dry)

Technical Info

Components: Two Components
Type: Epoxy Coating
Finish: Gloss
Stock Colours: RAL 1014, Ivory, Grey 5177, Black
Tintable: Yes to a limited range. Please note, bespoke tints are non refundable / exchangeable
VOC Content: 207.0 g/l
Volume Solids: 85 +/- 2%
Suitable Substrates: For application to the hull of steel vessels
Application Method: Brush, Roller, Airless Spray or Air Spray
Theoretical Coverage: 4.3m2 per litre at 200 microns
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): -
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): 200 - 1000 microns (8.0 - 40.0 mils) depending on system
Induction Time: None
Pot Life: 2 hours at 20°C
Touch Dry: 3 hours at 20°C
Overcoatable: After minimum 3.5 hours to maximum 14 days at 20°C
Fully Cured: 7 days at 20°C
Cleaner / Thinner: Thin with Thinner 91-92, Clean with Thinner 90-53
Shelf Life: At least 24 months when stored cool and dry
Packaging: Available in 20 Litres

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