Roof Tile Paint

About Roof Tile Paint

Promain UK Ltd offer you an excellent supply of water based acrylic roof tile paints for re-colouring concrete interlocking roof tiles and slates.

Benefits of Roof Tile Paint

When you paint roof tiles, not only does the visual appearance of the roof dramatically improve, it is extremely effective in the reduction of porosity of the slates, stopping them from delamination and cracking. As well as colouring roof tiles, we also offer you clear roof tile paints products that can be applied to prevent the roof from ageing. This helps extend the life of the roof and retains its natural beauty. We also supply you with high standard cleaning products, which are excellent in the removal of Moss, Algae and Fungus. 

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  1. Bedec Superflex Elastomeric Coating for Roofs and Walls
    Bedec Superflex Elastomeric Coating for Roofs and Walls

    A flexible high build elastomeric seamless waterproof membrane. Also available in a Solar Reflective finish.

    From £36.71 £30.59
  2. Centrecoat Park Home Metal Roof Tile Paint
    Centrecoat Park Home Metal Roof Tile Paint

    A water borne satin decorative topcoat for use on metal objects and cladding such as park home metal roof tiles.

    From £133.56 £111.30
  3. Rustoleum Dac Hydro Plus
    Rustoleum Dac Hydro Plus

    Rustoleum Dac Hydro Plus Paint for Concrete, Clay, Natural Slate Roof Tiles.

    From £138.10 £115.08

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Quality Roof Tile Paint

Rustoleum Dac Hydro Plus is the UK’s number one selling roof tile paint. This product is in high demand all year round as people seek to bring their roof tiles back to life. This top of the range, high quality paint is used for the painting of concrete, clay and natural slate roof tiles, giving you a range of different surfaces in which to re-colour. Dac Hydro Plus is an excellent paint which offers you high quality colouring in a range of different colours. As well as colouring roof tiles, Dac Hydro Plus can often provide you with a better solution than actually replacing old roof tiles. With a built in Primer, Dac gives you an abundance of adhesion to your roof tiles, and ensures long lasting protection. 

Choose Promain for Roof Tile Sealant

All the roof tile paint products we have are available and are fairly straightforward to apply and very affordable. Promain makes it a priority to supply you with high quality products at competitive and reasonable prices. If you have any troubles in finding the right product suitable for you, then please contact us and we will be happy to give you advice on which product is best suited to you.

Roof Tile Paint

If you are in need of roof tile paint, look no further, at Promain we have got you more than covered, we provide a large of roof tile paints that will help you to bring a new lease of life to your roof and roof tiles. The roof tile paints that we supply will also provide protection to your roofing area and we stock a range of roof tile paints that also include roof tile protection and weatherproof roof tile paint. All of the roof tile paints that we offer have been designed to ensure that your roofing looks great all year round. Our team all come with years of experience when it comes to waterproof paint for roof tiles and are all highly experienced and well-versed in the area. When looking for waterproof roof tile paints, you can trust that Promain will have got all of your needs covered. We supply and stock everything that you may need, rest assured that you’ll receive top quality products at great prices with Promain.

Roof Tile Paint Grey

What’s more is the roof tile painting options that we provide include grey roof tile paint and will make sure that your roof is stunningly painted. Unpainted roof tiles can look drab and dull colour meaning that your home or property will look unappealing and boring. At Promain it's never been easier to spruce it up or change it to a more exciting finish, in order to do this you’re going to want to use the best roof tile paint that you can get hold of. So should you be looking to paint your entire roof area or just some roof tiles, Promain Paints have something to suit your needs. If you need roof tile paint, make sure that you take a look at the large range and high quality roof tile paint products that we provide here at Promain. Should you need any help or advice referring to our range of roof tile paints then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as the team will be more than happy to help.

Charcoal Roof Tile Paint

All of the roof tile paints that we stock are cost effective and come in an extensive range of colours that are suitable for use on all roof tiles, this includes charcoal roof tile paint. At Promain we stock a wide range of products that are suitable for both commercial and domestic use. We also aim to supply paints that can be used by roof painting companies or by people who want to do the work themselves. So should you be a company that specialises in roof tile paint or you're someone that wants to refresh your roof tiles, you'll find a range of professional products suitable for your roof here at Promain, this includes charcoal roof tile paint.

Dark Grey Roof Tile Paint

At Promain we aim to only supply high quality roof tile paints, this includes dark grey roof tile paint, we also aim to offer the very best selection of products that are available on the market today. What’s more is we also stock hard wearing dark grey roof tile paint which can be used to completely transform your roof tiles. We also make sure that we supply our customers with a large range of roof tile paints in a variety of different finishes and colours, all of these can be used on your roof tiles, whatever style roof or roof tiles that you have.

Roof Tile Paint Price

When in need of roof tile paint, the products that we supply here at Promain are all value for money. The roof tile prices we offer will ensure that the best products can be available to you, what’s more is our range of roof tile paints will also work for industrial, commercial and domestic uses. Whatever your requirements we are fully stocked up with workshop floor paint and we also offer quick delivery. Should you be unsure of the exact roof tile paint don’t worry, the Promain technical team can answer any questions or queries that you may have regarding roof tile paint.

Waterproof Paint for Roof Tiles

At Promain, when it comes to waterproof paint for roof tiles, we’ve got you covered. At Promain we’re passionate about paint and will make sure that your roof tiles look tip top. We are paint experts and will make sure that you receive the best roof tile paint for your requirements, what’s more is we are home to a technical team who can always be on hand to help. We can also provide you with waterproof tile paint, keeping your roof dry and weatherproof, simply get in touch for more information. Whatever your needs from industrial, domestic and commercial roof tile paints we can help. When you require roof tile paint, make sure that you call Promain, we are known for being the UK’s leading stockists of roof tile paint and are home to a specialist team of roof tile paint experts.

Painting Roof Tiles UK

At Promain when it comes to painting your roof tiles, we are leading UK suppliers of industry standard roof tile paints and can provide you with a selection of products. This doesn’t mean that our prices are low, it also means that we ensure that we offer the best roof tile paints that are available on the market. At Promain we guarantee that the roof paint that we supply has been priced competitively and with this in mind we also make sure that we supply as many different products as possible. We do this to make sure that we meet everyone’s needs and requirements. So should you be looking for roof tile paint or durable paint for roof tiling, we have got you covered. Take a look at our range of products online, or you can get in touch with the team at Promain today.


Can you paint roof tiles?

Yes you can, when it comes to painting roof tiles, they can refresh and renovate your roof’s appearance as well as help to extend its life by years and years. When painting your roof tiles we advise that you only use top quality products from leading roof tile paint providers, such as Promain. For more information or to view our range of roof tile products online, simply check out our website today.

Can you paint clay roof tiles?

Yes you can paint clay roof tiles, however you will need to prepare the area beforehand, this will ensure that the clay roof tiles finish will last long. By painting the clay roof tiles, you will preserve the condition of the clay tiles as well as ensuring that they look great all year round. For more information on painting clay roof tiles, get in touch with the Promain technical team today.

Can concrete roof tiles be painted?

When it comes to painting concrete roof tiles, it can be done but it's essential that you thoroughly clean the roof first. We also advise that you use a primer on the roof before application as this will provide a good bond between the concrete roof tile and new coating. You should paint the concrete roof tile with a good quality concrete roof paint that will be durable through cleaning and pressure washing.

How to clean roof tiles before painting?

When it comes to painting your roof tiles, we recommend that you clean them thoroughly before painting, first wash the surface thoroughly using water and a strong brush. This will help to remove any loosely bound particles and any previous paint coatings. Using a high pressure water jet is the best way to clean the roof tile surface, you should also rinse the roof with clean water and leave it to dry before painting.

Can you paint roof tiles a different colour?

When it comes to painting roof tiles in different colours, there are a range of options available. From grey roof tile paint to back roof tile paint, at Promain we stock a range of colours. Our high quality roof paint colours can be applied to slate, clay and concrete roof types, providing the surface with a new colour and ensuring that your roof and roof tiles look great.

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