Floor Paint Additives & Aggregates

Promain offer a range of anti-slip additives in varying sizes and material that offer a course sharp anti-skid finish to almost any surface giving you peace of mind your workforce are in a safe environment. Our anti-slip additives are produced by industry leading brands that are sure to give you the most protection regardless of the surface or condition of the floor you add the solution to.

Our range of anti-slip additives range from small surface issues through to aggregate coatings designed for even the most uneven surfaces. Our latest Eco product coco shells addition to the range offers a fine medium to grip option perfect for all year round and multi surface protection.

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  1. Centrecoat Emery Aggregate
    Centrecoat Emery Aggregate

    A hard, angular aggregate mineral for use in Centrecoat slip resistant flooring and decking systems.

    From £38.15 £31.79
  2. Remmers Epoxy MT 100
    Remmers Epoxy MT 100

    Special primer for matt damp substrates based on a transparent epoxy resin.

    From £287.24 £239.37
  3. Sika Quartz Sand 25 Kg Anti Slip Aggregate
    Sika Quartz Sand 25 Kg Anti Slip Aggregate

    A quartz sand aggregate to add to floors to increase slip resistance supplied in 25 Kg bag.

    From £23.72 £19.77
  4. Rustoleum Non-Skid Aggregate Additives - NS100 NS200 NS300
    Rustoleum Non-Skid Aggregate Additives - NS100 NS200 NS300

    Non-skid additive, can be added directly to the liquid coating or broadcast over the final wet finish.

    From £10.51 £8.76
  5. Mapei Quarzo Quartz Sand
    Mapei Quarzo Quartz Sand

    A kiln dried quartz sand for use with Mapei epoxy and polyurethane resins.

    From £22.64 £18.87
  6. Remmers Colorid Collection Flakes
    Remmers Colorid Collection Flakes

    A blend of PVC flakes designed to be broadcast over Remmers synthetic floor coatings.

    From £238.43 £198.69
  7. Remmers EP Screed Aggregate
    Remmers EP Screed Aggregate

    A specially graded quartz aggregate blend including gliding agent for Remmers flooring systems.

    From £43.40 £36.17
  8. Ronacrete Ronafloor A/S Aggregate
    Ronacrete Ronafloor A/S Aggregate

    Aggregate designed to increase the slip resistance of resin surfaces.

    From £42.36 £35.30
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