For over 75 years, Bradite has been a leading manufacturer of high quality paints, offering a range of solutions for a variety of industries and environments.

Bradite specialise in high-performance, problem-solving paints, formulated to meet the needs of commercial and industrial painting contractors. Bradite’s protective coatings are made with thorough care and preparation using only the best quality raw materials, combined with years of experience and proven technology.

Within the specialist range of Bradite coatings, you will find:

Most Bradite finishes can be produced in BS and RAL colours, with hundreds of colours available upon request.

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  1. Bradite HD Floor and Wall EW99
    Bradite HD Floor and Wall EW99

    A tough quick drying, hard wearing flexible floor coating. Easy to clean & ideal for interior concrete, wood or steel floors.

    From £148.51 £123.76
  2. Bradite One Can Prime - Block & Finish OC63 / OC64
    Bradite One Can Prime - Block & Finish OC63 / OC64

    A quick drying, low odour, primer/finish coat, with stain blocking, and anti corrosion, which can be tinted to most colours.

    From £23.69 £19.74
  3. Bradite Floor-It DP9
    Bradite Floor-It DP9

    A high-performance, water based acrylic floor paint for floors, driveways and paths. Recoatable in just 1 hour.

    From £55.70 £46.42
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