Suspended Ceilings

Promain UK Limited supply you with a variety of paints and coatings for suspended ceilings. The brands we supply you with are all high performance, industry leading paint coatingst. With brands such as Rustoleum, Zinsser, Osmo and Bedec, Promain know that your search will stop here in your attempt to find paint for suspended ceilings.

Suspended Ceilings can often prove to be a problem, with stains and discolouring over a period of time. Zinsser AllCoat Solvent Base Stain Killer is ideal for suspended ceiling tiles and frames. With its high hiding formula, it only takes one coat to cover and seal most surfaces without the need to sand. The surfaces which we would recommend personally are Wood, Concrete, Plasterboard, Plasticol and Galvanised metal

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  1. Bedec Blockfill
    Bedec Blockfill

    High build obliterating water-based paint for internal walls. Designed to infill block and brickwork to give a smooth surface.

    From £140.48 £117.07
  2. Zinsser Allcoat Commercial WB
    Zinsser Allcoat Commercial WB

    A water based primer / finish for walls, Formica, uPVC and galvanised steel. Formerly Zinsser Allcoat WB Multi-Surface.

    From £98.89 £82.41
  3. Zinsser AllCoat Solvent Based Multi Surface Primer and Finish
    Zinsser AllCoat Solvent Based Multi Surface Primer and Finish

    Stain killer with high hiding formula. One coat is all that is needed to cover and seal most surfaces.

    From £86.02 £71.68
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