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Floor Sealers are generally used for binding, stabilising and sealing friable and porous substrates. These are then either overcoated with a suitablef floor paint system or left as a standalone dust proofing sealer and in some cases a chemical resistance sealer. That's the purpose of most domestic and commercial grade floor sealers however here at Promain we have been researching and sourcing the very best quality designed to stand the test of time on both internal or external surfaces, either in the home, office, factory or industrial location. Our sealers can be used on different flooring including garage floors, driveways, as well as new concrete surfaces and different types of concrete. For more information, shop online with Promain today.

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  1. Centrecoat Concrete & Brick Sealer
    Centrecoat Concrete & Brick Sealer

    A acrylic water based impregnation treatment which protects by giving added strength to a concrete or brick substrate.

    From £52.09 £43.41
  2. Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy DPM
    Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy DPM

    A 2 part solvent free, liquid applied surface damp proof membrane and residual moisture suppressant.

    From £124.58 £103.82
  3. Remmers QP Color
    Remmers QP Color

    A very fast reacting pigmented coating for use as either a base coat or top sealant in Remmers flooring systems.

    From £372.00 £310.00

Items 1-28 of 30

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