Centrecoat 525 WB Primer

SKU id24319 Part A: UN3082 (Class: 9, Pk Grp: III), Part B: Non Hazardous
A two pack, water dispersible epoxy based primer / sealer / clear coating.
Available in 5 Kg
£50.00 (£60.00 Inc VAT)
£50.00 (£60.00 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Centrecoat 525 WB Primer is a two pack, water dispersible epoxy based primer / sealer / clear coating, used prior to application of products such as Centrecoat Gripfast.

Best Uses

Centrecoat 525 WB Primer is non-flammable and solvent free, is low odour, and may be applied to dry or damp surfaces. With excellent adhesion to most building materials, Centrecoat 525 WB Primer is non-toxic once cured, and consequently is a highly versatile material lending itself to application in many different types of
location and circumstances.

Centrecoat 525 WB Primer is ideal for use in food factories, abattoirs, dairies, laboratories, subways, chemical bunds etc. as:

  • A clear sealer for concrete and masonry surfaces. As a primer for other Centrecoat coatings such as Centrecoat Gripfast
  • A damp surface primer or sealer for concrete

Centrecoat 525 WB Primer especially formulated to meet the technological and ecological requirements of modern building and industrial practice.


Surfaces should be sound, clean and free from standing water, laitance, oil, grease, and other contaminants. New concrete should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 21 days. Floors should be mechanically abraded, scarified, grit blasted or acid etched where any subsequent coating is to be applied over the Centrecoat 525 WB Primer.

Note: For steel work a coat of Centrecoat MMA Steel Primer is recommended as a primer instead of Centrecoat 525 WB Primer.

Centrecoat 525 WB Primer is supplied in preweighed containers ready for mixing. Pour the contents of the BASE container into the CURING AGENT container and thoroughly mix, preferably by mechanical means until a uniform consistency is achieved. A low speed drill with paddle attachment is recommended for mixing operations. Note: Thinning of the material is not usually necessary. However, it is permissible to thin by the addition of up to 20% by volume of clear water. This will reduce the viscosity, and facilitate application.

Apply by brush, roller or airless spray at a nominal rate of 5 m2 per Kg. As a sealer or clear coating, a second coat should be applied after a minimum of 16 hours, and before a maximum of 48 hours. As a primer, overcoating may be commenced as soon as the initial milky appearance has cleared, typically after 2-4 hours. Ensure good ventilation during application.

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Centrecoat MMA Steel Primer

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