Centrecoat Floor Coatings

Centrecoat Floor Paints have been formulated to offer enhanced performance at a price to suit all budgets. From the hard wearing single pack polyurethane floor paint to the high build, low VOC content of the Centrecoat ArmourCoat HB 3-400, these floor paints will offer a highly durable long lasting finish.

Centrecoat also offer 2 pack water based floor paints that are not only suitable for use in areas such as warehouses, garages and workshops but benefits from being microporous. This allows moisture from the floor to evaporate. Water based epoxy floor paint is ideal for application to relatively newly laid (green) concrete and power floated floors.

Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy DPM permits early overlaying with vinyl, carpets and resin based products without the conventional "drying out" period being observed. All in all Centrecoat have a solution to all floor coating needs.

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  1. Centrecoat Grip Fast
    Centrecoat Grip Fast

    A single coat, fast return to surface, slip resistant floor package, suitable to cover 5m2 of surface area.

    From £76.32 £63.60
  2. Centrecoat Aquafloor Anti Slip Floor Paint
    Centrecoat Aquafloor Anti Slip Floor Paint

    An anti slip floor paint containing a fine aggregate, offers ease of cleaning and low dirt retention.

    From £78.17 £65.14
  3. Centrecoat Griptop HB
    Centrecoat Griptop HB

    A two-pack solvent free polyurethane high build coating. Provides floors with a seamless, hygienic, attractive finish.

    From £68.62 £57.18
  4. Centrecoat 525 WB Primer
    Centrecoat 525 WB Primer

    A two pack, water dispersible epoxy based primer / sealer / clear coating.

    From £76.46 £63.72
  5. Centrecoat R28 Pure Sealer
    Centrecoat R28 Pure Sealer

    A penetrating silane siloxane sealer for porous building materials giving extended protection against water penetration.

    From £38.23 £31.86
  6. Centrecoat Armourcoat 3-350 Primer
    Centrecoat Armourcoat 3-350 Primer

    A 2 part epoxy primer for use on flooring prior to application of Centrecoat Armourcoat 3-350.

    From £126.94 £105.78
  7. Centrecoat Polyurethane Floor Paint
    Centrecoat Polyurethane Floor Paint

    A single pack, durable, polyurethane floor coating. 00-A-05 available for next day delivery.

    From £54.13 £45.11
  8. Centrecoat Clearcoat
    Centrecoat Clearcoat

    A 2 pack rapid curing and versatile chemical resistant sealer / clear coating.

    From £38.23 £31.86
  9. Centrecoat Strongcoat DPM
    Centrecoat Strongcoat DPM

    A two-pack, solvent free epoxy damp-proof membrane for use with the Strongcoat range of surface coatings & toppings.

    From £177.72 £148.10
  10. Centrecoat Epoxy Power Floated Floor Primer
    Centrecoat Epoxy Power Floated Floor Primer

    An ideal primer to aid adhesion of coatings to smooth, non porous surfaces.

    From £84.08 £70.07
  11. Centrecoat Block Paving Sealer
    Centrecoat Block Paving Sealer

    Protects and decorates new or old concrete, block paving or recently cleaned paving.

    From £48.08 £40.07
  12. Centrecoat Mortar Epoxy Tack Primer
    Centrecoat Mortar Epoxy Tack Primer

    A two-pack solvent free epoxy coating designed for use as a primer for epoxy mortars and screeds.

    From £35.69 £29.74
  13. Centrecoat Coloured Surface Protector
    Centrecoat Coloured Surface Protector

    A water-borne impregnation treatment for external concrete façade panels.

    From £25.80 £21.50
  14. Centrecoat Procure 15 Floorcoat
    Centrecoat Procure 15 Floorcoat

    A two pack, professional grade, fast return to service floor coating.

    From £122.29 £101.91
  15. Centrecoat Armourcoat 3-350
    Centrecoat Armourcoat 3-350

    Provides a tough, hard wearing coating for medium duty traffic giving high film build and wear resistance.

    From £98.75 £82.29
  16. Centrecoat ArmourCoat HB 3-400
    Centrecoat ArmourCoat HB 3-400

    A two part gloss, epoxy floor coating. A tough, hard wearing finish for medium duty traffic floors. FeRFA Type 3 Approved.

    From £79.44 £66.20
  17. Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy DPM
    Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy DPM

    A 2 part solvent free, liquid applied surface damp proof membrane and residual moisture suppressant.

    From £124.58 £103.82
  18. Centrecoat Armourcoat WB 2-200
    Centrecoat Armourcoat WB 2-200

    Provides a tough, hard wearing coating for light & medium duty traffic giving high performance at an economical cost.

    From £122.10 £101.75
  19. Centrecoat Armourcoat WB 2-80
    Centrecoat Armourcoat WB 2-80

    A 2 pack water based epoxy floor paint for concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. Category FeRFA Type 1 & 2.

    From £89.58 £74.65
  20. Centrecoat Armourcoat PUFlex 3-500
    Centrecoat Armourcoat PUFlex 3-500

    A two part flexible polyurethane floor coating with a gloss finish, suitable for medium duty traffic with occasional fork lift use.

    From £65.84 £54.87
  21. Centrecoat Armourcoat HF
    Centrecoat Armourcoat HF

    A heavy duty, trowel applied polyurethane floor screed for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds.

    From £99.18 £82.65
  22. Centrecoat Armourcoat PU 2 TF
    Centrecoat Armourcoat PU 2 TF

    An economical, chemical resistant, three-part polyurethane coating. Formulated as a top coat for Centrecoat Armourcoat HF floor toppings

    From £39.08 £32.57
  23. Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy Joint Compound
    Centrecoat Armourcoat Epoxy Joint Compound

    A thixotropic, two part, polyurethane modified epoxy joint filling compound for vertical and horizontal joints.

    From £62.94 £52.45
  24. Centrecoat ArmourCoat HB 3-400 MT
    Centrecoat ArmourCoat HB 3-400 MT

    A 2 pack moisture tolerant floor coating. FeRFA Type 3.

    From £110.52 £92.10
  25. Centrecoat Epoxy Crack Filler
    Centrecoat Epoxy Crack Filler

    Easy to use, fast cure for filling cracks and voids in concrete. Can be used at low temperatures.

    From £75.64 £63.03
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