Centrecoat R28 Pure Sealer

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A penetrating silane siloxane sealer for porous building materials giving extended protection against water penetration.
Available in 5 Litres in Clear
£30.06 (£36.07 Inc VAT)
£30.06 (£36.07 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Centrecoat R28 Pure Sealer is a silane siloxane penetrating sealer for porous building materials giving extended protection against water penetration.

Best Uses

Centrecoat R28 Pure Sealer is suitable for application onto brick, concrete, glass-fibre, reinforced concrete, natural stone and mortar. Provides excellent protection against both water and moisture penetration plus fuel and oil spillages.

  • Reduces the likelihood of algae growth
  • A treated surface remains breathable enabling residual moisture to escape as vapour
  • Ideal treatment for the underside of floor tiles before installation, preventing ingress of moisture from underneath
  • UV resistant
  • Not suitable for non-porous surfaces such as engineering brick, polished & glazed tiles


Care required where water repellent additives are sometimes used in concretes containing hydrophobic silica or stearate. Perform a simple test to apply product and if it immediately penetrates and darkens the surface then the treatment is perfectly suitable. If however, the treatment beads and doesn’t penetrate then the surface needs a clean to remove the surface additives.

Ensure surface to be treated is clean and free of all dust, soiling, organic growth and salt deposits. Surface and air temperature need to be >10°C. Do not apply externally during damp and wet weather or if rain is imminent and avoid applying to hot surfaces >40°C or in strong, direct sunlight.

Shake the container well before opening. Ensure the surface is visibly dry before application. Always carry out a test on an agreed trial area to ensure Centrecoat R28 Pure Sealer is both suitable & delivers the required performance. Two applications are required, the second being within 2 hours of the first. Splashing product onto adjacent surfaces should be wiped off immediately with a soft dry cloth.

Allow a minimum of 2 hours following application before foot traffic is allowed and at least 36 hours for heavy traffic. After 2-3 days the treated surface will achieve its optimum performance, although in cold weather this will up to 7 days.