RODO ProDec Roller Refills, 9 Inch x 1¾ Inch

SKU id1290 Non Hazardous
Available in 4 different styles - Medium Pile, Short Pile, Short Pile Microfibre and Gloss Roller Refills.
Available in Gloss, Short Hair and Medium Pile Rollers
£3.99 (£4.79 Inc VAT)
£3.99 (£4.79 Inc VAT)

Product Description

RODO ProDec Roller Refills 9 Inch are available in 3 different styles depending on what you intend to use it for.

Best Uses

  • Medium Pile Roller Refill is suitable for emulsion/masonry paints on rough surfaces
  • Mohair Short Pile Roller Refill is suitable for use with Chlorinated Rubber and hot solvent paints
  • Gloss Pile Roller Refill is suitable for glossy smooth surfaces.


Suitable for use with a 9 Inch roller frame.

Polyester (Short Pile) Roller

Economical knitted synthetic fabric. High density polyester is trade grade that gives improved paint loading and finish. Medium density polyester is DIY grade that gives a basic finish quality.

Solvent Resistant (Blue Stripe) Roller

Woven synthetic fabric that has good solvent resistant properties, making it ideal for gloss, satin, woodstain and other solvent based products including resin and epoxy paints.

Mohair Roller

Classic decorator's glossing fabric. Noted for its durability and shed free properties, it is a synthetic woven fabric that gives an excellent finish with gloss and satin paints. Also suitable for low viscosity woodcare products.


RODO ProDec Roller Refills 9 Inch is designed for use in all kinds of different environments and can be used on most types of surfaces in order to achieve the desired finish.

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