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Promain offer a range of water based and solvent bourne paints which can be used on plastisol cladding offering up to 25 years to first maintenance. The coatings found in this section are highly suited for application to surfaces found within the rail industry, especially cladding, with a selection of them conforming to Section 12 regulations.

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  1. PPG SigmaCover 280
    PPG SigmaCover 280

    A two component, polyamide cured, epoxy primer that can be used as a general purpose epoxy primer, ideal for use on steel and non ferrous metals.

    From £61.92 £51.60
  2. PPG SigmaCover 456 HS
    PPG SigmaCover 456 HS

    A two component epoxy for use as a primer or coating for steel and concrete structures. Highways Approved Item No. 116

    From £81.60 £68.00
  3. PPG SigmaCover 690 Aluprimer
    PPG SigmaCover 690 Aluprimer

    A two component high solids aluminium pigmented polyamine cured modified epoxy primer. Highways Item 115.

    From £90.35 £75.29
  4. PPG Sigma AquaCover 400
    PPG Sigma AquaCover 400

    Sigma AquaCover 400 two component polyamine cured water borne epoxy coating for steel and concrete.

    From £118.28 £98.57
  5. PPG SigmaDur 520
    PPG SigmaDur 520

    A 2 pack high build semigloss aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish, Highways Approved Item No.169.

    From £74.82 £62.35
  6. PPG Sigma EP 112 Miocoat
    PPG Sigma EP 112 Miocoat

    A two component high solids MIO polyamine epoxy coating. Formerly Amercoat 4613. Highways Approved Item 112.

    From £87.06 £72.55
  7. PPG SigmaDur 550
    PPG SigmaDur 550

    Formerly Amercoat 450E, Amercoat 450S. A two pack PU Gloss Finish for steel. Item No.168. M24(XM92).

    From £82.91 £69.09
  8. Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva Primer
    Tikkurila Rostex Super Akva Primer

    A quick drying water-based single pack anti corrosive primer for interior and exterior surfaces. LUL Approval No.2447.

    From £76.50 £63.75

10 Items

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As the leading suppliers of cladding paint for the rail industry, and with years of experience under our belts protecting cladding surfaces all over the UK, Promain can help you choose a coating that best suits the surface in question. Within our range of cladding paints you will find products from leading manufacturers such as Rustoleum, 3M Scotchkote, Sika, Dacrylate, Manor and PPG Sigma.

If you are looking for cladding paint for the rail industry Promain have a wide range of products suitable for application to metal cladding or plastisol cladding. Call our Technical Department to discuss your requirments and to help you choose the correct product.