*Sika Liquid Plastics Sikalastic 625

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This is now a licensed product only. Sikalastic 625 formally Soladex.
Please Note: This is a licensed product. Contact our technical team for more info

Product Description

This is now a licensed product. Please call 01462 421333 to discuss with our Technical Team regards licencing and requirements via Sika. For alternative products, see Sika Liquid Plastics RoofPro - Formerly Sikalastic 618, Owl Roof 32TR 100% Silicone Roof Coating or Sika Sikalastic RoofPro Advanced.

Sikalastic 625 (Soladex PU) is an elastomeric, high build coating based on Hypalon, ideally suited for the treatment of profiled metal roofs and Plastisol cladding

Soladex has been renamed Sikalastic 625. (Asbestolok®, which incorporates Sikalastic®-625) Once installed, the system enables the asbestos to be left undisturbed and will provide protection from all of the associated dangers. It is an elastomeric, high build coating based on Hypalon from DuPont. Ideally suited for the treatment of profiled metal roofs and cladding (plastisol), it cures to form a tough, UV stable membrane which combines exceptional weather proof and anti-corrosive properties. It is also well suited for roofing applications which have to be undertaken in poor weather. It cures extremely rapidly, exhibits excellent resistance to rain damage very shortly after application and therefore minimises the risks of weather-dependent site delays. In addition, Soladex is unaffected by ponded water, it is highly resistant to attack by aggressive atmospheric chemicals and may be used on gutters and other areas liable to permanent ponding. Soladex may also be used for coating in-situ pre-formed Hypalon sheets.

Best Uses

Sikalastic 625 (Liquid Plastics Soladex) is ideally suited for the treatment of metal profiled roofs and cladding. It offers excellent resistance to rain damage at a very early stage of curing and resists water penetration even when immersed beneath ponding water. Sikalastic 625 is extremely good in situations where a protective weathering armour is needed.


Sikalastic 625 (Soladex) should be applied using a paint brush or paint roller. Apply the appropriate primer and leave to dry. Stir the Sikalastic 625 thoroughly and apply the first coat, preferably in one direction only. When this coat is dry, check it for potential pinholes and apply more Sikalastic 625to the affected areas. Allow to cure, check again and if the first coat is free from pinholes apply the second coat at right angles to the first.

Surface and Environment

You will see Sikalastic 625 (Soladex) working at its best when exposed to harsh elements. With excellent resistance to rain and UV light, Sikalastic 625 (Soladex) offers you a protective coating that is perfectly suited for use on metal profiled roofs and Plastisol cladding.